Thursday, 4 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #156 From flop to top!

Something's missing, and it's not the spoon...
This post is way later than I'd wanted, because the first half of this week was a flop. Tuesday I woke at 4am...not good since I had a 4pm hospital appointment (which predictably ran late) so wasn't home until 6pm, very over tired. Yesterday I woke not feeling great, then felt heaps worse & had to rest all day because I'd forgotten my breakfast meds. Lousy was an understatement, but thankfully I only miss meds 1-2 times a month, which is no joke when you're on opiates as your body wants to know why it's missing something so vital.
I am much better today, which is good as I have my annual stayover with a friend tomorrow! I'm super excited since we text over 20 times a day (not kidding), have similar health issues, both love reading. We borrow books & dvds which is so much fun! I stay over night because I have to drive there (it's too far for me to drive there & back the same day), and I'll be resting for a few days after to recover from the trip. Last night I thought I had to cancel, but thankfully I don't. Yay! 
I'd love a case like this Sanrio Twin Stars - I'd need more than one though for my trip!

With all that going on I honestly haven't done enough craft to show you this week. I can give you pictures of yummy fudge that I've made for my friend: 
& some chocolate chip cookies made from a packet which was just add water: much less tiring (& cheaper) for me than buying the individual ingredients. Cooked super fast & taste yummy (the cookie dough isn't all that great, but the cookies are more-ish.)
I'd love to hear if you've baked something recently (in the last month)! 
From scratch or from a packet, cookies are delicious!

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