Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #195 Cattitude = placid

This is an adorable ragdoll cat, a type I'd love to have some day.
It's late in the afternoon/early evening, my mind is moosh and I couldn't think of an appropriate title. Find out later in the post why my cat's cattitude has been placid today. Temperatures are on the cold side, more if you believe in real feel which isn't the stated temperature exactly. It takes into account wind strength/speed, whether it's sunny/cloudy, and other factors and comes up with what the temperature feels to us. For example this morning in the south of England the temperature was 5C and the real feel was -2C. 
If I dig far enough I may make it to an Australian beach... Picture source

That's a seven degree difference. Brr! For more info about real feel which is a Trademarked term, check out Accuweather who own the term. This isn't a sponsered post, I genuinely like their weather reports and have an app on my android.

Either way cold is cold so I've had an easy day as my body is in hibernation mode. I can tell you what happens at the end of Gilmore Girls specials which were released this week on Netflix, but I won't spoil it. It's a beautiful ending, filled with hope, and everything works out well. 

I can tell you that Pretty Little Liars season 4 is as convoluted and gripping as the previous seasons. I wasn't up for doing crochet, so I gamed, which involves much less effort. 
from the left are the main protagonists Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna.
Reason for today's cattitude title. After spending most of her time in her own bed (on the spare bed), my cat spent nearly all day with me (up until before writing this post) with me. I was stuck in the same position for 2 hours this morning because she was super cute, and I don't see her that often lately so didn't want to shift myself in case she decided to sit elsewhere. 
This is her on a previous day, but with that face I can't resist her charms!
She then took position at the end of my bed for a while, and after lunch came back on me, thankfully not for 2 hours. I've loved seeing her more! Maybe she will restart sleeping with me at night again, and leave her beloved bed. I'd love to know where your pets prefer sleeping! 
Such a cute fluffy kitty!

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