Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I'm improving!

This Waitrose banoffee pie (one like this) is yummy!
I'm now well enough to eat what I like, including cake & chocolate! Hope to resume blogging tomorrow or Friday. Thank you for being patient as I recover!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Currently ill

Some of you may recognise this pic from my other blog Nayu's Reading Corner so know what this post is about. It's a brief hi, sorry not to have posted recently. Became quite ill on Monday all through to today. Pretty much got worse the last few days, however think I may be turning a corner. Won't be blogging until I'm better, so please bear with me. I hate not posting but what I've got is evil and I need rest, rest, & more rest. See you when I'm better!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #139 Stormy start with brighter fabric filled fun later

If I stay like this the storm/headache may go away...
The title is accurate because we did have a big thunderstorm at the weekend (at least I think it was the weekend), and I had a migraine when I woke Sunday so slept away most of the morning, then had the usual exhaustion (still getting over that) then yesterday I wasn't very well. I am once again on the mend, just making sure I have a lot of rest. 

Not my screen shot, but my gaming does have a fabric theme!
When I have a migraine usually can't stand looking at screens, and I frequently get noise and light sensitivity. Somehow I was fine playing on my 3DS this time so I spent a lot of time on Animal Crossing New Leaf rearranging stuff in my town, doing lots of fishing etc. I didn't read the Japanese as that was too much brain power, but the rest I could do on autopilot and kept my mind off how rough I felt. There is a clothes shop, with two sisters - the one at the sewing machine is super shy and it takes days of trying to talk to her before she will say something.

Gaming isn't the only thing I did - in short bursts I carried out with my mammorth bookmark preparation project, finishing the current step this morning. I cut interfacing for the bookmarks - both what I call normal size and mini size bookmarks. I'm probably combining the two to create fun sets, I'm super eager to see the finished product as the fabric is adorable, very kawaii! Some is elegant and a little bit cute, so there'll be a bookmark for everyone! 

I finished cutting interfacing for all the bookmarks. The next step, ironing on the interfacing will hopefully happen tomorrow, with the actual bookmark making starting next week. My laptop battery is dying so I'm going now - will post more on the bookmarks tomorrow! 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #25 Bookmark preparation!

At the moment I'm keeping everything on a lap tray and storing it under my bed for ease of use
While letting my lovely strong pain meds whizz about my body Friday I was able to do some more preparation for making gorgeous bookmarks! As you can see above I've got a lovely variety of fabric to make them from.This is my preferred work area which is comfier than my desk so I can craft for longer.
Nostalgic! & a reminder I had actually wanted to get a set like this...
I'm having so much fun cutting out both the interfacting and the fabric, it takes me back to my childhood when I did a lot of cutting out paper/card to make something crafty. Some thrills ever change! I hope to be able to make some this week, after a bit more prep work so I can sew away without interruptions for more preparations. I'd love to know what you think of the fabric, if you've made bookmarks/love craft! 
This is an idyllic craft area! Not that keen on the chair, I adore the white unit with all the fabric coours (at least I think it's fabric..)

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #138 Cat cuteness & social media control

Occasionally Belle can be found on the heated blanket when it is turned off and stored behind the sofa (when I'm not using it) It was a pleasant surprise to feel a handful of fur instead of the duvet cover when I went to pull it out!)
Morning all! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. If you aren't, then hopefully the cute pic of my cat Belle cheers you up a little. 

I'm almost over the initial side-effects of taking my mega strong pain meds on Thursday - yay! Managed to catch up with blog work (always good) briefly check email (ditto) and...

...I've signed up to Hootsuite! It's an online social media program, where you can send the same info to your social media accounts without you having to do it! While I've signed up today, I won't be using it just yet. I'll need 1-2 more sessions online learning how to use it before I test it out. It means that no matter what I'm doing, when new posts go up you'll be notified of them immediately - yay! This will save me work and keep you up to date on everything. This is much needed, as so often posts go up but I'm not available/well enough to talk about them online. 

Hopefully as of tomorrow I'll be returning to my normal routine - regardless of whether I am another post will be up because I'm scheduling it in now for you!
Another cute pic to make you smile!

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #24 I learn to make fabric bookmarks!

Hi everyone! I am sorry for making you wait since Thursday for this post, but I can finally reveal what I made using the above fabric - it's bookmarks! 
The one on the left has interfacing (a very thin layer of material that is ironed on (there are non-iron on varieties), and the one on the right was my 1st bookmark without interfacing, and I hadn't cut a bit of fabric so I couldn't get a point on one of the corners.
Alice in Wonderland themed clock bag - so cute! Wish it was a real clock!
It took a few hours to figure out what to do, not because it was that hard - I did have to investigate about interfacing, and look up how to stitch the top part once I'd turned it inside out - but because I kept getting distracted by my new toy....
I'm sure you'll understand why though! 

Anyway, once I finally figured it out and created the 2 prototypes (they won't be for sale), I prepared for my next sewing session by cutting out both the bookmark fabric and interfacing to the correct side so all I have to do is pin them and sew! Got some super cute designs for you below! Let me know what you think of them, and see you next time!
Forthcoming bookmark designs!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Nayu's Thought of the Day #10 Quiet few days

My cat Belle knows how to relax!
Today and tomorrow is a very quiet restful day because I took my strong pain medication, ketamine, yesterday, so it needs to get through my system. I may or may not continue with the project I mentioned yesterday - it all depends whether I'm safe to operate my sewing machine! If I'm too weirded out I won't do any. I will at least do some embroidery and cross stitch, so keep an eye out on my Twitter page for updates! I'd love to hear if you're up to something fun today!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #137 New shiny toy + Bookmark announcement!

Hi all! Aside from life preventing me from posting until now (both busy & ill), I'm doing great! A shiny new non-craft toy arrived at the weekend...
My Japanese 3DS! I've been gaming an awful lot. It's a Japanese version because an anime I adore am obsessed with/am a major fangirl of, Aikatsu! has games that haven't been released on the English 3DS.
This is a dance rhythm kind of game

I've got Animal Crossing games for it too - next Friday (not tomorrow) I'll link to a post that's going up on Nayu's Reading Corner which gives the lowdown on it. 
Let me know if you already play this! Mine is the Japanese version.
Craft wise I have been a bit busy - but I'm going to have to be mean and leave you with the teaser that went up on Twitter yesterday - come back on Saturday to see what I've made! 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Over on Nayu's Reading Corner #2 part #2

Today's post is a continuation of yesterday's post listing. Since it's been so long since I provided links to posts on Nayu's Reading Corner there were too many for one post. Enjoy! 

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Springtime At Cherry Tree Cottage by Cathy Woodman (Romance, Contemporary fiction, 9/10E, short 'n' sweet review)


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Competition: Win all 5 books in The Ceruleans series by Megan Tayte! International! 


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Nayu's News #217 New blog posts on their way! 

 That's it for this latest update - there will be much less on the next one in about a week or so ^o^