Saturday, 20 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #163 Rest, Crochet, Malificent ,& Friendship

I love silhouette pictures, this one is peaceful
Sorry for being absent for nearly a week! I've had a busy one. Monday was a super long day for me visiting a friend (I didn't get home until 5.30pm), so inevitably Tuesday I was shattered and needed to rest. Wednesday I had an important meeting which was a little stressful, so Thursday I rested all day. I'd planned to do blog work on Friday, but my body didn't like the weather trying to rain so I needed to rest all day again. 

A previous progress picture (possibly not the latest one, but that's ok)
Resting I've gamed lots, read a bit, and done zero craft...however Monday I was doing craft with my friend! Making good progress on this blanket, as you can see.
Here's where I am now!
...which is all the craft I've managed to do. Regular readers know that some weeks are like this for me - my body has a mind of its own, frequently not connected with what I want to do. Still I make the most of resting by watching fun dvds. I finally watched Malificent by Disney. 
Go watch this film!
It's AWESOME!!! I absolutely loved it as a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I may review it on Nayu's Reading Corner soon, although I got a smidge annoyed with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) being permanently upbeat. She only got upset once. I was even captivated by the darker parts, which are more sad than scary (sad because of what happens during/after them). The CGI parts were seamless, and it's an all round amazing show. 

Today I had coffee with a friend, which was nice. She is sadly moving in November, so taking advantage of seeing her as much as I can before then (we usually meet twice a month, but she is going to be several hours away rather than a mere 15 minutes). I will get to visit her a few times a year, but it's not the same as every other week. On the upside I'll get to visit a part of the country I haven't been to much - Devon! I think of clotted cream tea & fudge, so will make those top of my things to experience while there. (I could be getting confused with Cornwall...)
Yummy clotted cream!
That's it for now. Since I suspect the weather could be up and down this week, I'm doing work when I can, and resting when I can't (if that makes sense). Going with the flow of life is all any of us can ever do! I hope you're having a fun weekend ^o^ 
Dory has the right attitude!

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