Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #166 Hairball, anyone?

It's a gloriously hot day - sadly no Mount Fuji is in my skyline.
So today has (so far) been a non craft day - well, I'm about to do some writing which is a craft, just not one involving yarn which I usually deal with. Earlier today I had errands, and this afternoon I came face to face with an ongoing problem which my family never had with our other cats: hairballs. 
Found this while looking up hairball cartoons  - it made me smile ^o^ Very appropriate for this blog!
I will spare you a disgusting photo of a hairball - they aren't nice. While they are associated with long hair cats (my cat is medium long-haired), short haired cats can get them too. Google hairballs and you'll get a wealth of information. In an attempt to help Belle we are now brushing her at least 2 x a week, which she doesn't appreciate. Unfortunately she's had a sore on her chin that we've had to treat with cream and special solution, so if me or my family so much as look at her with a tissue in our hand then she runs away. 
From her behaviour she always feels bad after being sick. Never her fault though.
This is sad but unfortunately she has to have the cream, and we have to brush her. She's had several hairballs this year which have been completely gross (yes I'm the one who deals with them now, probably making up for all the times my previous cats were sick and my family dealt with their mess). Today I even squidged the lump to be sure it's a hairball - I'm 89% sure it is. 
I'm undoubtedly biased but my cat is gorgeous, hairballs and all!
I've looked online for help about hairballs, and I think the next step is probably going to be making sure some of her diet includes specially prepared anti-hairball food. I hope she likes it! Gross factor aside (I'm now oddly used to cleaning up hairballs), hairballs if not thrown up can create blockages in the intenstine - no one wants a poorly cat. Here's hoping for less hairballs for the next half of 2016! 

I'd love to hear if you've dealt with hairballs: is there a particular brand/treatment which works for your cat? 

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