Saturday 9 September 2023

Over on Nayu's Reading Corner #35 Review Fae Farm (Nintendo Switch, 6/10)

 Yes I'm making you go to my other blog to find out the link to my review of Fae Farm but it's just another click so it's not that much effort for you (^u^)

Friday 8 September 2023

Nayu's Craft Time #236 Fresh naan & plushie laundry!

cooked vs raw

It's been a week and a bit of stuff going on, some I can't share but I'm about to share what I can. So I managed to make naan bread! I'd wanted to try it, and found a bread friendly recipe. Unfortunately mine ended up drier than it should be and overkneaded (4 times...) due to not realising it was meant to be a wet dough. I used some shredded coconut as a flavour, to make it a little like peshwari naan. I managed to get the shapes how I buy them in the supermarket which I was pleased about. 

 They took time to fry and I was exhausted by the end, took more than a day to recover but I feel they came out really well. I've frozen most of them (had a nice stack) so I won't have to do that for a long time. The taste is worth it but might try oven cooking next time, or bribe my family to use their air fryer. 


These caused a few tears

Next up in the baking department was the easiest dish. I got my family to chop a load of onions, I coated them in a tiny bit of olive and vegetable oil (price of pure olive oil is a little eye watering), popped them in the slow cooker and cooked on a mix of medium then high heat for around 11 hours. They t
20.urned out as wonderful caramalised onions that I'm slowly dividing and freezing in large and small chunks so I can throw them in curries and stirfries. 

So tasty!!!

The other productive activity was taking advantage of a final heatwave before autumn and washing my most used plushies! I try and do it once a year - apparently plushies can get mishapen and damaged in a wash but thankfully all mine remained in tact, fluffy and held their shape ok. It was quite amusing washing them, I just used the quick wash feature, I guess I could have used the handwash one too. It looked like a toy shop carousel by the time I'd done the 3 loads! 

Plushies and clothes ready to get wet!

I'm busy with a review game so not done much craft but the next post will be an update on my current projects, so stay tuned! 

Drying time!

Friday 1 September 2023

Tuesday 15 August 2023

Nayu's Project Progress #43 Coming soon!


I have done much more of this Attic24 Cupcake blanket! Will share updated pic soon

I'm sorry for not posting for so long! Life keeps happening, and it's irritating to me, trust me! But I've been busy working on various projects including a babIy blanket. 

Felt 2 towels for £12 was a bargain in this kit

Yesterday two fun new kits arrived. I found some sweet Hello Kitty cross stitch hand towels, and as I need more than one guest towel (I have Winx Club hand towel and thankfully don't have guests often so can easily wash it but I've wanted to have more cute ones) I took the offer which was 40% off. I think you can agree they are adorable! Unfortunately the adorable matching toilet roll holder is unavailable except for a hideously high price but I reckon I can figure out the design from the picture with graph paper so can still have that cuteness in my life as it's so adorable. 


Anyway....the other kit I got was what I call embroidery. I know cross stitch is embroidery too, but I mean all the other embroidery stitches. I wanted something nice, and saw this beautiful cushion. I adore African Violet flowers, and the colours really spoke to me. Felt so overwhelmed when I opened the kit as I've never done a large scale project, it looked quite complex and has stitches I've never done (long and short) and another I can't recall. The long and short is simple and effective way to create realistic looking petals, I hate not being uniform so I will copy the long and short from the picture so that I'm still working to something as I can see where they do the long and short stitches (If you do embroidery you'll understand what I'm talking about, if you don't, well, it's hard to explain). The other new stitch is absolutely gorgeous and makes up the white scroll effect. So this is a daunting project and it will take take me absolutely ages to finish but will be totally worth it and is exactly what I've wanted. 

 I will keep you updated on these and other projects very soon! 

Monday 29 May 2023

Nayu's Project Progress #42 Gorjuss Winter Friend


Previous progress

It's been a long week and a bit of me still recovering from the cold that started 2 weekends ago. I haven't fully got rid of it, i cough throughout the day and I can tell the germs haven't left yet. So I am resting lots, mostly gaming but I have done some cross stitch and the polar bear now has an outline! 


It's coming along nicely and is going to look so cute when it's finished.

The weather is sunnier than it has been for a long time which is a mood lifter. Lately my rose bush has begun to bloom and i love opening my back door as I instantly smell the traditional rose scent which is just lovely and makes me smile. It's the little things which can make quite a difference.