Thursday, 17 January 2019

Nayu's Craft Time #302 Boxing Day Sale haul!

Forgot to add Pusheen to the mix (sorry for awful photography, doing this while a bit loopy from meds)
As promise on Monday's post here is my Boxing Day sale haul! It was brilliant! There are quite a few cars but I managed to get parking at the local retail park. I was only going to Boots, because they had some Disney merch, and oh boy everything was 50% off! I went a little crazy...

So cute and fluffy! this cutie, who isn't Disney but I love the alpaca toys. I did try using it as it is intended, as a microwave heat toy. I put the bag in the microwave, and while it did get hot, once inside the alpaca it didn't heat up the toy that well. My previous experience with these are the toys where you put the entire toy in the microwave, so I was a bit disappointed. However it's so cute I don't mind adding it to my plushie collection!
I didn't post a picture, but you can see the velcro where the microwave bean bag thingy goes.

...these Pusheen cookies are delicious! Weirdly the kit didn't include icing or sprinkles, so I raided my family's supplies for those. Ended up with two lots as one was a gift but I hadn't yet had the gifts from family when I went shopping, so ended up with double the yummy Pusheen fun!

...You already know I love Pusheen so it's no surprise I picked up this straw cup! The coolest part is the glitter, look what happens when I tip it upside down. Initially I thought the glitter was just in the cup for decoration and it would fall out, but it doesn't! Drinking water is so much fun now

...I really like swans, maybe because of the role of swans in fairytales (Swan Lake) and other fiction. I couldn't resist this cute cup! Which I now realise was actually bought from Sainsbury's not on my sale shop...oh well! It has a little separate screw on pot that I use to take my meds in.

...This is adorable! I think it's the unicorn from the film series Despicable Me, but don't quote me on that. It had some lip balm inside, but once I opened it it didn't stay inside the unicorn. I don't really use anything on my lips not even lip balm, so this won't get used much. 

I'm pleased I went, and am delighted with my stash of cuteness. I also got some Pusheen cookies to make (without any icing or decoration) but forgot to take a picture, and Googlemail is refusing to deliver the final few pictures including the Marie straw cup (in the first picture on the right) and my sewing update pictures that  I want to show you. Did you many to snag anything exciting in the sales?  

Monday, 14 January 2019

Nayu's Craft Time #301 More posts scheduled this week.

Not sure if it is Snow Drop season, but I love their shape. Picture from online somewhere.
I feel like I'm constantly apologising in my posts, but I am sorry I haven't been able to blog until now. Winter really doesn't like me! Been gaming lots, and reading quite a bit more too. Even rejoined my local library, just so I can read all the Asterix and Tintin books again! I loved both series when I was younger, and want to reread them now. I got interested in them because there's an Asterix video game out, which I've rented (will talk more about the new game rental I'm on over on my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner at a later date), which of course got me wanting to check them out again as I only have a few. 

I've been doing some craft, which I'll show in a separate post. Usually I don't mention what I get, but I figured you'd like to know how successful my Boxing Day sale trip was, that will be the next post. Today I'm cramming 4 days of tasks into 1 not for the pure fun of it (sarcasm) but because my schedule changed, and doing everything today means I can have my mega meds tonight, but I have posts lined up for you so this blog will not be empty. Next one will be Thursday. Thank you as always for being patient, more coming soon! 
I grew up reading about these friends catching wild boor, Obelix is my fave (on the left), his grumpy moods have to be seen to be believed. Dogmatix is adorable. Asterix is ok, sometimes annoying to me.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy 2019!

Credit to whoever the person who made this is.
I hope you have a stellar start to the year! More news soon ^u^ Love this minions themed good wishes!

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #300 I'm being brave

Found this quote online (& cute picture) & it's very relevant to today's post.
For the first time in what I think is forever I'm actually being an idiot and going to a Boxing day sale because Boots has some cute Disney items that I hope get reduced. If they haven't sold out. I am only going to one shop, as I hate crowds with a passion so the experience needs to be as short as possible. I hope I can find something to make it worth while. If you sale shop, I wish you luck!!! (& yes I plan to rewatch Tangled very soon!)
No idea where I got this Rapunzel fan art, but it makes me feel like this is the attitude I need to have when facing the sale crowds!

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Hope you're having a good day!

Credit to whoever took this photo
I'm getting back to normal but this is a pre-scheduled post of someone's adorable Ragdoll kittens. Ragdoll cats are my ultimate breed that I hope to own one day. Having more than 1 would be blissful!!!

Friday, 21 December 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #299 The wonderful distractions of gaming

A random picture from online that I discovered on my laptop! I love silhouette pictures.
When this post goes live, I'll be in the middle of recovering from my mega strong medicine which I had Tuesday night. Staying horizontal, still, and quite is a must, so craft is out of the question. This is a post kind of more suited to my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner, but I want to explain a bit more here, and the game I'll be playing the most is all about crafting items! I've recently found that gaming during recovery is a really good distraction. I have to be careful which game I play because playing the wrong game can make me feel worse which include: 

  • any fast paced game (brain can't keep up) like Splatoon 2 (which I featured in my previous post because I found a cute keyring in Aldi) 
  • any game with fancy loading screens that zoom in/out Animal Crossing (which seems an obvious slow game choice, but trust me it isn't) 
  • any rhythm game because you have to concentrate (which are usually my 'go to' games of choice) 
  • any game whose graphics can be a bit weird and wonderful 
Thankfully I have a few slow paced games which I can work on - yes they are on my Nintendo Switch, which is extremely handy at times like these They include: 


Try and bring 3 warring cat colonies together: not for squeamish people as you do have to hunt and kill a lot of animals to survive. There's no blood or anything, but it's a large part of the game. There's lots of explore and collect, and it's a bit like the following game, Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
Found the picture online

Not my picture but my stable is in a very similar place
A fun farming simulation game that I didn't think was for me for many months, but then I got kind of hooked on it. The simple graphics make it ideal for me.

The main game I'm now playing because it's out on 20th December in Japan (I have a Japanese account) is...

Dragon Quest Builders 2

This game is ideal because while there are monsters they are fairly simple to complete, the building is therapeutic and I'm sort of in control in what I see happen, the camera movement isn't too crazy and the repetitive music is soothing.

People build incredible structures, this one was including in the promo pics before the game launched
The first game in the series is my most favourite game of all time, and I know this will take it's place with the incredible new features that I'm eager to try! It's all I'll be playing for a while ^u^ Yes it's in Japanese, the English version should come out next year, but I couldn't wait, and can understand some Japanese so I'm going for it! It will be slow progress especially while recovering from my mega meds but totally worth it. 

Find out more about DQB2 in a post about my impressions of the demo here

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Nayu's Product Review #10 Splatoon 2 keyring found in Aldi!

Please ignore the cat hairs!
Honestly this was the last thing I expected to see in Aldi. Aldi is known for having random items (some are branded, not that that matters to me) on the shelves, so I was shocked to find this Inkling in Squid form Splatoon 2 keyring. I'm enjoying the game a lot, more so now I'm finally doing the solo adventure portion instead of just Turf wars. That probably doesn't make sense to a lot of you: in a nutshell Splatoon 2 is an electronic version of paintball! Inklings have a human like form, 
This is the inkling girl amiibo (picture from online, I don't have any of the figurines)

and a squid form, exactly like the keyring. They are allegedly enemies of Octolings, who have a human form and who turn into an octopus.
This is the ocoling amiibo  I love the octoling girl so much! Their ink form is adorable (the pink octopus). Wish I could play as an Octoling permanently, but it's so far only available in the expansion pack (which I have).
  It is heaps of fun, I think it may be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but don't quote me on that. 

I'm not going into detail about the game because that's a post more suited to my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner, but I do want to chat about this keyring. I unfortunately don't have the packaging any more, but it was a blind bag gift, meaning I had no clue what the colour would be.

I was surprised at how good quality this is. The plastic is sturdy, it has the cute freckles on the 'legs' and features the suckers that are on them too. It feels a bit odd having the keyring in plastic which isn't the sturdiest, considering the chain is metal, but apart from that this is a high quality product which I'm very happy to have found in my supermarket. 

I love Aldi for it's random items that change frequently! Not so much when a food I like can't be found - I'm speaking to you, pink himalayan salt for £1 which hasn't been seen since I bought 1 pot! I'd love to hear what random products you find in your supermarket.