Thursday, 19 April 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #281 Mermaids and gaming

Sloths have the right attitude to life-take it slowly, it's not a race.
This is a catch up post on what I've been up to recently. The answer is not a lot, just lots of rest as I've had something that my body's been battling against. My family currently have a cold so it's probably a cold virus, but my body tends to react weirdly, make me feel not right for ages. I've played a lot of games, especially Pokemon: finished Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and now on Pokemon Sun (the normal one, not Ultra Sun). Due to the new game start I've been reading up on Pokemon Sun too.
Currently trying to level up the adorable Buneary! So cute and fluffy!
Disney's Stitch has great taste!
I've had my cat sleep by me while I game, I've also read a bit and even done some crochet - nothing significant enough to show you yet. I've watched a lot of BBC dramas and dvds, my favourite fluffy teen series featuring mermaids in Australia, H2O Just Add Water - the girls transform whenever they touch water, making more than just taking a bath or having a swim problematic.  I bet you didn't know that if you dye a hair in mermaid form then your natural hair colour will return when you change back to a human! 
From the left are the original mermaids Rikki, Emma (not her natural hair colour) and Cleo. 

As soon as I've shaken off this whatever my body is making a fuss about, I will be continuing my Tsum Tsum jigsaw puzzle which is cute, so will be able to show you some progress pictures. I'm having to reschedule my week's activities around how I feel, but that's entirely normal for me, if a little frustrating. I hope you are staying well during germ season - drink lots of hot lemon and honey! I like cold lemon with water, which I guess is fine too. 
Everyone needs mermaids and unicorns in their life!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #280 Caring for Hair scrunchies

What colours do you have?
I've previously mentioned that hair scrunchies will be a topic on a post and today's that day! No, it's not how to make hair scrunchies - never made any but hope to one day - you can find that info online with a simple Google search (or whatever search engine you prefer, but in my view there's only Google!). 

It's hair time! Super cute Minnie hair brush I wish was mine.
Hair scrunchies are perfect whatever your age to gather hair up into cute styles. I mostly use a ponytail because it's the quickest type to do, but I like plaits too. Choosing a cute scrunchie is easy, if you have several colours (and don't have to worry about matching a school uniform which does look cute) you can pick one based on how you feel, or you can choose it to highlight a colour from your clothes. I'm not hear to talk about those things (even though I did briefly). 
They can be school-matching hair scrunchies or just a normal one if you happen to like checked patterns like I do! This isn't mine.
I'm here to talk about something which may not have occurred to you, as it  hadn't to me until I thought. It's time to...

...wash those scrunchies! 
Forgive me for being indelicate but this washing machine is puking a rainbow! How cool! (& it will not happen to yours).

Yes wash. It makes sense really - they go in our hair, so gets bits of dead skin/dandruff (or are they one and the same?), they pick up the grease and sweat from our hair, so it's obvious that they get dirty, isn't it? It wasn't to me, and I was surprised by the colour change when I shoved a scrunchie in the wash with the rest of my clothes. I suppose you can hand wash them if you want, but mine didn't ruin from being in a washing machine and came out looking far newer than it went in. I don't have before/after photos - test it out for yourself!

 I'm now washing mine more regularly than I was. Read instructions about the scrunchie when you buy it regarding washing, as I am not responsible if it goes wrong. I shoved mine in on a 40C wash with a flying saucer detergent, fabric conditioner, and an extra anti-germ liquid for lower temperture washes which I use all the time now. If you are willing to risk it shove it in, if you are at all concerned about the end result then maybe handwash it, although I can't guarantee the same results that way. 
Super shiny end of post picture!!

Friday, 6 April 2018

Nayu's Project Progress #36 Random blankets

I've been busy!
As promised in my last post this one is all about what I'm working on craft wise at the moment! When I'm up for crochet I'm putting together this very small pet blanket for someone. There will be a second one made of smaller squares, but I'm using oddments to attach the squares using the join as you go method - Google it to find the info. It's a super easy method that saves so much time and removes the need for lots of sewing. I always use this method now, and you can see the blanket increase in size here. 
Almost there! Sorry it's fuzzy
Tada! All finished!

 Originally I was doing one big blanket, but for some unknown reason I did both big and little squares which actually couldn't be put together, hence it becoming pet blankets. I have since done an extra row, which I'll show you with the small square blanket another time, which I know it will be well received, and I'm extremely excited about the project I'll start once this one is finished!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #279 Hello April!

April is here! Although I suspect from the post title and the picture you guessed that already. I've already talked about upcoming post topics in my previous post (hair scrunchies, my cat, dhaal) so I won't repeat myself in detail

English weather is most definitely varied!
I'm over my strong meds, and eager for the warmer weather to arrive since my body hates the cold (& rain/cloudy days/storms/snow/hail/anything which isn't clear sky and sunshine). It will be nice to feel slightly less bleh ^u^ Already praying for a long heatwave this year! 

My currently laundry pile doesn't look like this!
 This is a short post as I've emails to write and more posts to pre-schedule - the next one will be about my current crochet project! It's nothing stellar, just a little fun something to keep me busy. I've also got some yarn to wind for a family member - I'm half way through and plan on finishing it tomorrow-it involves arm effort, which is already marked for sorting clean laundry today so anything extra is a no-no. 

I'm pretty sure there's a saying involving April showers, but hopefully the month has started super well for you and continues getting better! 

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #278 Upcoming post topics

Who doesn't like to start the day by looking at some cute kitties?

It's half way through the week so the weekend is in sight if you have a 'standard' working week. I'm half way through my recovery from mega strong meds, consisting of staying horizontal because moving really isn't a good idea if I don't want to feel weirder than I already do. This is a pre-scheduled post, but I'm almost out of time hence why it's a list of topics that will be appearing over the next few weeks. 

I will be talking about...

this hair accessory! scrunchies! I'm not saying what it's about, other than if you wear hair scrunchies or someone in your family does then stay tuned!

She knows how to relax! cat! I love Belle, she occasionally loves me, and I have some cat care tips to share. 

This isn't mine, but it looks similar (mine isn't as runny as some are)
...Daal! However you spell it I recently made a batch of this nutrient rich lentil based meal which is easy to cook, requires very few ingredients or cooking skills, and is highly adaptable. 

That's it for now, thank you as always for reading my posts and stick around for many more! 

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Nayu's Project Progress #35 Chocolate themed blankets

I wonder how many of you will have some chocolate by the end of this post!
 It's been far too long since I've done one of these (no I'm not telling you how many months...) but I want to share what I've been up to lately. I've been doing a bit of craft, some on a blanket which I'll show in another post that's already for someone, but the blankets featured in this post will be for sale soon (start of April for the finished one) when I reopen my shop (it needs a bit of tweaking after my mega meds which I'm currently recovering from)
Here's a peek at what one looks like, with cream and two shades of brown.
Most people like chocolate, and it's all I've been thinking of while making these blankets - the yarn looks like all three types - white, milk, and dark chocolate! 
Here it is!
 I love making what are often called 'granny' squares and putting them together using a seamless method called 'join as you go'. They are easy, require no pattern, and it's fun watching the blanket grow over time. 
I thought you might like a comparison picture for the chocolate ^u^ I wanted a smaller blanket, so I started another using the same colours but this time in a different pattern. 
Now this one looks more like those chocolate buttons...
Going round and round has it's own charm, just like 'granny' squares (or medalians as some call them). Both are relaxing in their own way. I didn't sew in the ends of the previous blanket until the end, when I had loads to do. This time I'm doing the sewing in every 4 rows, so I get a bit of rhythm with the crochet, not stop-start at every row. 
I hope this inspires you to get creative - it doesn't have to be with yarn, it can be sewing, colouring in, gardening - whatever you love have fun!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Nayu's Craft Time #277 Snow has gone (again) & Spring cleaning

This picture says it perfectly!
I don't know how many of you had more snow this week (in England, but I guess anywhere in the world can have snow again!), but mine has all melted. I didn't make another snow angel or snow bunny - it probably wasn't the wisest of things to do the first time it snowed so I wisely stayed inside. 

Today is a rainy day, but I managed to coax my cat outside for a few minutes before both our breakfasts while it was dry. It takes quite a while to get her out, and she fled inside after a weird noise (to her). She spent the rest of the day snoozing on a bed! 

My wardrobe is a built in one, otherwise I'd love a pink one like this!
I've run errands and done laundry today (dull and not interesting) but tomorrow's activity is a little different. A friend is coming to help be my hands & energy to finish sorting my room from moving house. It means that I'll be a) able to get to my wardrobe easier & b) actually open my wardrobe without fear of what may fall it out from the various boxes and items stacked in it. Books will get on shelves-yay! 
Imagine having a wardrobe this big...or bigger! To be honest I'd rather use the space for books & toys...
It would have taken me at least a few months if I'd done it all myself, and while my family sweetly offered to help I asked my friend so that there's no chance of any disagreement while sorting through things. I've got some extra yummy cookies, tasty soup and rolls, and a choice of either bread & butter pudding or rice pudding to keep my friend going. What I can do in a day my friend will do probably in minutes, so her help is very much appreciated. 

Saturday I have an errand to run and then it's time for mega strong medicine again! Cue several days lying down with lots of gaming (or whatever I can handle). That means blogging will be sporadic but I'm pre-scheduling 2 posts so you'll have something to read! I'd love to hear if any of you are spring cleaning or sorting things after moving. It's the time of year for it and usually feels good afterwards - getting rid of items is extremely hard but most can be reused by others via charity shops which makes me feel somewhat better about saying goodbye to items.