Monday, 22 April 2019

Nayu's Craft Time #311 Unexpected break

Not my room, but look at the fairytale bed!!!! Was denied access to the website this is from, but it looks incredible.
Feels like I'm always saying this, but sorry for the break between blog posts. I was unwell at the weekend, nothing major but it meant I wasn't up for blogging and needed lots of extra rest. It meant more gaming (always a good thing) with lots of time spent on My Time At Portia, a newly released game now on all consoles including PC. Mine is the Switch version, making it perfect for playing in bed. I managed a tiny bit of craft that I'll show soon. I didn't read as much as I hoped because my brain wasn't in the reading mode, instead I became a farmer and a builder which definitely was a good distraction. 

My cat is slightly unpopular in that she didn't come keep me company while I was unwell, something she usually does. But hey, cats are fickle, and mine is no exception to that. I've literally got a pile of stuff in my room that needs sorting, which I'll get through over the next few days Between that I'll be gaming lots, reading, and whatever else I feel like! Regardless of whether you celebrate easter (I don't) I hope you had a good weekend.

If only!

Monday, 15 April 2019

Over on Nayu's Reading Corner #19 Plans for the weekend ahead

No idea where I got this from but it's ery appropriate!

Find out why the weather is influencing my week a bit, as well as what I'm up to with Pokemon Go over on Nayu's Reading Corner.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Nayu's Craft Time #310 Muting on Twitter

These guys can do the actions for keeping quiet, but will they actually do it?
This a prescheduled post so I'm not sure how the weekend has gone for me, but I hope it is going well for you. I've wanted to post about this for a while in case you are a Twitter user and, like me, had no idea you could mute various words (possibly phrases, but can't remember) so subjects remain out of your feed. You can choose the time frame for this, so if you just want to avoid seeing sport results or people's thoughts on a certain game (first isn't what I do, but the second can be) you pick 24 hours. There's a permanent exclusion, and I can't remember the other one. 

The fact this feaure exists is blissful. I've used the permanent feature by banning Brexit (although I see headlines on BBC news app only when I want to see them), which can still be found if I do a search, and I think there are a few other exclusions where I will still see it, but overall it's a wonderful way to keep politics out of my Twitter feed. I've used the 24 hour mute feature too, when the terror attacks happened in Christchurch, I'd had enough info and didn't want to accidentally see any more as I'd reached my limit. It gave me time to take it all in, yet kept me updated if there was any urgent news. 

I'm certain Twitter will have help topics to show you how to use the magical mute feature, so suggest checking out it now while you think about it so you can easily use it in the future. I'd love to hear what kind of topics you'll mute about. 

Friday, 12 April 2019

Nayu's Project Progress #39 The blanket grows!

As promised a few posts ago, it's time to show you what I'm working on at the moment! Making a cute blanket for myself with white and cream separating the colours. I tend to work on it a bit in the mornings as I wake up while watching something, as a gentle start to the day.
Zooming in...

Apart from the larger area of cream which I can't be bothered to undo, I am doing 2 rows of white/cream between every colour. So far my favourite colour in it is the pink yarn. What's yours? 

Friday, 5 April 2019

Nayu's Craft Time #309 International family visit & a minor medicine mishap

One of the cactus on my windowsill - will take another photo soon because the flowers have come out some more!
The last however many days since my last blog post have been spent either being busy or resting. This week in particular was crazy because I had family from Australia staying over until their flight home. It was super fun because I hadn't seen them for a few years, although sadly not all could come on this visit. It meant that I stayed up late chatting (ok, I was mostly listening while gaming on my Switch), and I spent over half a day being social too, which I find tiring at the best of times. Add in the fact I was tired enough to accidentally take half my night time meds including some that make me sleepy at dinner time, my body had quite a lot to recover from. 
Sadly Australia isn't a country where Hello Kitty planes fly to/from.

As usual I have been gaming lots, I managed to finish a 3D puzzle (full post on it sometime this month), I did quite a bit of crochet (that will be another post update later this month), and read quite a lot too. 

I am having my mega meds this weekend, probably Sunday, so won't blog much here until next week, but I do have some reviews scheduled over on Nayu's Reading Corner so check there regularly. I am of course on Twitter and try to say hi daily, along with many game tweets. 

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Nayu's Craft Time #308 Organisation takes time

The sands of time...
I had originally planned a different post today, which you will get soon, but after spending the morning how I did, I thought it better to talk about how organisation can take a lot of time. I know it saves time in the long run, but it can take a while to sort whatever you need organised out. 

This morning I created a list of which books I need to read for review, made sure the ones I had proofs for were on my Kindle PaperWhite in a collection so I simply read from that list and don't have to scroll through a gazillion ebooks, and make a paper list of what I had and what proofs I was waiting for. 

It wasn't as simple as that (sort of) sounds. 

First to make sure I had all the books noted on Blogger I had to go through my emails, check the info then put in relevant notes into Blogger. If I know the date a book is reviewed I'll schedule it for that date. If I don't know the date, I put DATE UNKNOWN in capitals. I state whether I have the proof copy, and where it is (Kindle/bookshelf) and sometimes where it's from. This is relevant because if a book is from NetGalley (a site filled with loads of books for reviewers that publishers sometimes use to provide digital proof copies)  I need to put my review there once I've written it. 

Next I wrote the info down on cute Pusheen stationery, because it's Pusheen. For some reason I've either used/misplaced the donut holding Pusheen. But they did come in a set like this one. 

After that was done came putting the books onto my Kindle. This was a bit more complicated because upon receiving a digital book proof I immediately send it to my Kindle Fire. I recently acquired a Kindle Paperwhite because someone in my family got a newer version. I wanted one so that when I have trouble looking at screens (usually with a headache that invariably turns into a migraine) I can still read, because the Paperwhite device family is famous for not being a screen in the normal sense, and being like an actual book. 

Ebooks save so much space!
That process took a while because I hadn't done the process much, since I only got it recently, so I wasn't sure what I was doing. It took me time to realise I could press down on a book (either on the cloud or on my device) which gave me the option to directly add it to a collection, rather than try and find it in a long list of books/documents and add it that way. 

The end result is I have drafts in Blogger of the books I'm reviewing, a physical list, plus a collection on my Kindle Paperwhite. Organising all of that took time, but now I've sorted it, it will be quicker to add new books to the lists/blog posts. 

There are so many areas of life that can benefit for organisation. I love organisation, which my family is surprised by as I frequently look disorganised. However, organisation takes time to do, which uses up the precious little physical energy that I have each day. Therefore I only organise the most vital of things. I can organise to my hearts content in video game inventories, which is so much fun! I wish I could do it more in real life, but I make do with the very faulty body that God gave me, saving my energy for fun things like seeing family visiting from abroad, like I did on Sunday. 

It was awesome having them over, I haven't seen them for years, and the visit was far too short but I'll see them again next week before they return home. I'm mostly recovered, and doing things that I'll chat about in future posts. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post, and would love to hear your organisation tips! 

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Kind of busy

Such a cute bag! Wish it could be a real clock.
In the middle of a busy few days with family coming for a fleeting visit from Australia (sadly not quite all those over there could make it), groceries and the usual chores which somehow ended up needing to be done on the same day. So I'll blog later in the week once I've recovered.