Sunday, 7 July 2019

Nayu's Craft Time #314 Summer snacks!

Seems appropriate in the current heatwave
So I am kind of still ill, not really shaking whatever I'm fending off. I'm giving it a few more weeks then will get my blood tested, just to be sure it is nothing that can be fixed with medicine. I have been gaming as usual, I've read quite a lot too. I've also embarked on an online adventure! It probably isn't all that exciting in reality, but being able to order groceries with a few clicks of a button is pretty magical in my view. My first order the other week was super easy. Realistically shopping will make me a lot worse at the moment, so I am saving my energy and using Sainsbury's online. I do make sure I hit the £40 for lower delivery costs, and it lasts me about 2 weeks. Something weird happened when making this order. 

I put my food in the virtual trolley, went downstairs to check with my family if they needed anything, and when I came up my £1 delivery slot had changed to...

...50p! Yes, you read it correction. My delivery cost for this order had reduced to fifty pence!!!!! Didn't realise it could go that low. I have asked Sainsbury's why the price dropped out of pure curiosity. Will definitely try to get that price again in the future! I've opted for a midweek delivery, in the afternoon. I have some treats which I can chat about here. 

Tasty! They are as single fingers, not 9 lots of 2 fingers
First up is the white chocolate Twix! Someone on Twitter said they'd eaten it, and it happened to be one of the few tweets I'd read so I knew I had to hunt it down. Originally brought at Morrisons, my family bought it from Sainsbury's. It is very tasty, and I agree with the person on Twitter it isn't as sweet. After having a few I can say I prefer the standard milk chocolate, but the white is nice for a change. I have family in Australia who adore Twix so some will be heading down under we get some. There were none in the Sainsbury's store when my family went back for me, so I've ordered some in my delivery. 

The second delight that I've ordered on line is a new fruit cordial by Robinson's: crushed lime and mint flavour. It is divine! Absolutely love the combination, and my family used soda water (which I hate on it's own) but tasted yummy altogether. There are quite a few other flavours: Pear & Elderflower, Raspberry, Rhubarb & Orange Blossom and Strawberry, Cucumber & Mint. I smelled the strawberry one but it's not for me. I would be interested in the others, but they aren't super cheap and I would hate to end up with a bottle of something I don't like, so I probably won't be trying them. It's nice to have something new for summer though! I generally just drink water (with lots of ice, super cold water tastes so goood!) but this will be a tasty treat. 

I'd love to know if you've tried any of these treats! Time for me to go rest some more (aka gaming). 
No idea who put this together, found it on my laptop picture files from online

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Nayu's Craft Time #313 Hazy June

& germs really love me!

I'm posting! Given it's a short one but it's still a proper post!!! I am finally on the mend from being rather unwell most of this month, with  relapse last week (clever me). I've mostly been gaming, with reading and watching stuff thrown in the mix too. Most of the time I couldn't have told you what the date was - last week I thought it was later in the month than it was. Being extremely careful in what I do so I don't relapse again, hence the extreme shortness of this post. I just wanted to say I am doing much better than I was, and will have more substantial posts up soon. I am active on Twitter most days if you want more frequent updates. 
This will make you think!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Recovering from being unwell

My cactus no longer has flowers but it is still spikey and beautiful!
Hey, so I've been unwell most of this month and only just starting to recover - yay! Please bear with me, I will try to post in a few days. Not been ill for a solid 10 days in a row before so the recovery time will be longer. Got some fun things to share with you though! 
These guys always make me smile!!!

Monday, 10 June 2019

In recovery

 Just to say currently getting over being very unwell at the weekend. Please bear with me a little longer (fevers take it out of me an insane amount).

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Over on Nayu's Reading Corner #22 Thriller Review The Heart Keeper by Alex Dahl

 Life's been life (yay, living with chronic illness is so much fun) so I've mostly been gaming an awful lot (I tweet about it too), doing a jigsaw puzzle and some crochet. Hope to get a 'proper' post in a few days, for now you can check out the review I did of a great thriller on Nayu's Reading Corner

Monday, 20 May 2019

Over on Nayu's Reading Corner #21 My thoughts on Smart Technology

Artist unknown

Life's been a bit crazy, but check out my thoughts on smart technology on Nayu's Reading Corner. I'll be off my soapbox in the next post, I promise! 

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Over on Nayu's Reading Corner #20 Unsolicited emails are entertaining

No idea who the artist is for this gorgeous work which fit in well with my post on NRC.

Life is being life, but having some laughs which you can read more about on  Nayu's Reading Corner. Forgot to mention in that post that I'm also doing some crochet, will post a picture of it in a few days either as a post here or on Twitter which is for now the only social media I take part it.