Saturday, 2 January 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #13 Alphabet fun and playing with cats

Tea time! Mine's herbal, usually pepperment and nettle, chamomile and spearmint, or a fruit tea if I want something sweet.
I can't show you details, but yesterday's secret crochet work gave this blanket the pizazz (made up word) it needed to make it shine. It's going to be a while yet as it's fiddly, but I you'll love how cute it looks! 

What I can show you is the alphabet baby sampler I'm working on. First here's an earlier progress pic: 
I'd thought I'd need to wait sew a few creatures before finishing some of the letters, but as you can see in the next pic I'm close to finishing them all without a creature in sight! (yet)
I've done M and started R since this pic got taken, and hope to have done the entire alphabet for when I update you on this project.

I've also been creative in the relaxation department - here's a super cute cat jigsaw puzzle a friend gave me. 
Part way through the puzzle - it's on a shawl to reduce the noise of the jigsaw pieces as I sorted and fitted them together - family were watching TV while I worked on it.
All complete!
It's hand crafted, and as you can see has what are called 'whimsey' pieces which are the usual shape, but specific ones. 
So cute!
In this case I have 2 cats, a snowflake, and an xmas tree! I hope to be able to get more of these types of jigsaws in the future as they are fun. 

I hope whatever hobbies you enjoy that you've fitted them in over the festive season! Relaxation is important for our wellbeing ^o^

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