Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #196 Operation Cat In update

My cat loves my yarn!
It's a glorious sunny day, if extremely cold (it was minus 5 degrees C when I woke today). The other day I talked about why I'm on cat flap duty during the day (making sure my cat can get back in on the few occasions she goes out) and why she's shut in at night. Belle is being her usual contrary self and absolutely refusing to use her rather snazzy enclosed litter box, which looks something like this. 

It has a weirdly deep bottom tray, which my family says looks like a baby bath.
You can understand the ressemblance
While my family are going to switch the cat litter used, to mix in some of the kind we put in her outside litter tray (more on that in a minute), we suspect she will continue to cross her legs at night, because she's that kind of cat. If she doesn't like something, she won't do/use it. I think the deterrant is working because I've possibly only heard the neighbour's cat attempt to get in once yesterday. So far today the cat flap has been open both ways all day, and no unexpected visitor has arrived. 

The current operation will continue a little while longer because we want to be sure that other cat gets the message that it's unwelcome in our house. It would be very welcome as it's a sweet thing, but we have to think of our cat who was acting up (not eating, acting a bit more jumpy than normal), so we have to be strong and say no to its cute self. 

I hope to crochet sometime this week, ideally today, but because I'm going away at the weekend I'm fitting in blog work & chores before I go, and doing battle with the extremely cold weather which my body hates, so anything done is a bonus! I hope to preschedule a few posts while I'm away so stay tuned! 

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #195 Cattitude = placid

This is an adorable ragdoll cat, a type I'd love to have some day.
It's late in the afternoon/early evening, my mind is moosh and I couldn't think of an appropriate title. Find out later in the post why my cat's cattitude has been placid today. Temperatures are on the cold side, more if you believe in real feel which isn't the stated temperature exactly. It takes into account wind strength/speed, whether it's sunny/cloudy, and other factors and comes up with what the temperature feels to us. For example this morning in the south of England the temperature was 5C and the real feel was -2C. 
If I dig far enough I may make it to an Australian beach... Picture source

That's a seven degree difference. Brr! For more info about real feel which is a Trademarked term, check out Accuweather who own the term. This isn't a sponsered post, I genuinely like their weather reports and have an app on my android.

Either way cold is cold so I've had an easy day as my body is in hibernation mode. I can tell you what happens at the end of Gilmore Girls specials which were released this week on Netflix, but I won't spoil it. It's a beautiful ending, filled with hope, and everything works out well. 

I can tell you that Pretty Little Liars season 4 is as convoluted and gripping as the previous seasons. I wasn't up for doing crochet, so I gamed, which involves much less effort. 
from the left are the main protagonists Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna.
Reason for today's cattitude title. After spending most of her time in her own bed (on the spare bed), my cat spent nearly all day with me (up until before writing this post) with me. I was stuck in the same position for 2 hours this morning because she was super cute, and I don't see her that often lately so didn't want to shift myself in case she decided to sit elsewhere. 
This is her on a previous day, but with that face I can't resist her charms!
She then took position at the end of my bed for a while, and after lunch came back on me, thankfully not for 2 hours. I've loved seeing her more! Maybe she will restart sleeping with me at night again, and leave her beloved bed. I'd love to know where your pets prefer sleeping! 
Such a cute fluffy kitty!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #194 Indoor cat time!

I use my bed, but I love the lounging space in this simply decorated room!
After a full day yesterday I had a lovely restful day today filled with gaming and anime. And watching the cat flap. Spent 10 minutes waiting for my cat to come in so I could make it a 1 way cat flap.
So cuuuuute!
For the past few days when I've been home (which is most of the time in winter), I've set the cat flap one way so Belle can get out and the other cat can't get in. Belle sleeps pretty much all day, possibly going out once so I simply keep an ear out for when she does that. This isn't a difficult arrangement, but to make things easier and hopefully deter the other cat for the long term, my family have bought an enclosed litter tray, so we'll make our cat an indoor cat for at least a week. 

My cat can't wear a collar and chip activited cat flaps aren't 100% easy to use, so our new method will have to work for now. 

I'd love to hear how you keep neighbouring cats out of your house (without distressing them)! 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #33 Pink Coasters!

I love the colour pink, not just because it's considered girly, (it can be for boys too), but it's just cute. There's fun bright pink, which I often see in anime as hair. 
Such as in Madoka from my favourite anime Aikatsu (she's in season 3 onwards)
There's sweet and fluffy looking pale pink, which I find soothing to look at. 
It can literally be fluffy like this frosted cupcake (sadly not made by me or even for me) Picture source
Then there's the pink in these cute coasters which I made this week!
It hasn't been a good few days of weather - my body really objects to the cold and wet, hence why no posts for a few days. But these pink coasters were quick to make and really cheered me up. I've wanted to make some coasters for a while for my Etsy store, but I didn't want to make them as squares (which look too ordinary). I tried a few patterns, a hexagon, and granny square (type of crochet not a square shape) pentagon, but it didn't quite look right. So I took what I knew for granny squares (the actual squares this time!) crochet, applied it to the pentagon and it worked! I hope to make many more coasters for my shop, so stay tuned to see what I make next! 
This seemed very appropriate for today's post! Let me know if you love pink too!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Post #193 Fudge time!

Wish it was sunny with blue sky today! Picture source.
This week is a quiet one, thanks to my body reacting to the colder weather. I'm managing a fair amount of craft in which is fun, although there's less progress because the blanket is getting bigger, so it takes longer to finish a row. I should be able to show you my progress in my next post! 

I'm making some fudge at lunch today - the usual microwave fudge which is done within 15 minutes (from start to finish including weighing the chocolate and prepping the tin the fudge goes in). Super quick & super yummy!
It should look like fudge I've made previously, only darker as I'm using milk chocolate ^o^
My family have finally seen Bob the slug! (Bob's previous mentions include this post). He was spotted on the drive, not in the garage, and I saw Doris once again which was a nice encounter. 
I wish Bob was as cute as this bunnified version of a sea slug!
I don't mind being weird for enjoying these encounters, I think it saves me freaking out over them as I generally dislike legless creatures. 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #192 Bob returns! + Pineapple Palace Review

A bunny themed sea-slug
I'm so happy! My family not only met Bob the slug (mentioned in a previous post) on the drive but I then found both him and Doris (the smaller slug) in the garage last night! I thought they may have died since I hadn't seen them for a few nights, but they are most definitely alive! Go Bob! Go Doris! 

Ahem. Who knew slugs would make me happy? Anyway, on Friday I ventured off into the unknown to seek out a pineapple. 
Yum to juicy pineapple!

No, that's not quite right. I sought out a new to my family cafe & shabby chic/vintage shop, The Pineapple Palace, Lower Way Farm, Thatcham, Berkshire, Lower Way Farm, RG193TL, England.
Image from Pineapple Palace Facebook page
My family had gone there earlier in the week and highly recommended it, so I went to check it out. It was easy to find, there's ample parking by the shop/cafe. The staff are super friendly, were pleased I'd found it through a recommendation. The shop and cafe are fairly small, but in a nice way, if that makes sense. There was all sorts of crafts by local artists, cards, figurines, woodwork, plaques, blankets, metal work, jewellery and much more. 
Picture from Pineapple Palace Facebook page
I overheard staff saying that normally they are busy around lunch - I was almost the only person there at one point. I nabbed a delicious hot chocolate and a milk pudding which is apparently like a custard pudding. 
So very yum! Picture taken by me ^o^
I adore custard puddings and this milk pudding was divine! You can't really see it but I loved that a cake fork was given instead of a normal fork - I have a thing for cake forks, they are really nifty and make cutting into sweet treats simple. Look at the perfect swirled dome of cream! I liked the fact the hot chocolate tasted real - I mean I couldn't tell if it was made from a powder or a syrup. I've been let down in the past by powdered hot choolate when out and about, making this a real treat. I also liked the mismatch of saucers and cups - it fitted the feel of the place. 

Minor disclosure which in no way is affecting my review (it was a super place) - I am going to see whether in the future I may be able to sell some of my work there. Not all my pieces fit in, but a few of the newer ones do. I'm only mentioning this so I can't be accused of favouring a place should I eventually sell my stuff there. This review is genuine.

I was so relaxed I lost track of time while gaming and sipping my hot chocolate that I ended up doing my groceries during prime lunch hour - something I really dislike! Definitely a place to go to if I need a break and have the energy to go out somewhere. Do check out it, it's one of my local towns! The website is down but they are on Facebook

Today I'm doing blog work, so possibly no crochet but I don't know for definite yet. Will see how well my laptop behaves, and my body ^o^ 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #191 It be cold!

Cute hanging sloth!
Temperatures are now very much below 10C so I'm imitating a sloth in the activities I do each day (not just eating and sleeping, but resting lots between activities as my body hates the cold and amps up my daily chronic pain). I forgot to take a picture but yesterday I did crochet 4 multicoloured coasters for a friend. I'm still working a blanket, which I'm not sure how big it will become as I don't have lots of balls of yarn, but I'll see how it goes. Picture will be coming soon!

After lunch today I'll be making my 10 minute microwave fudge, possibly white chocolate flavour but not sure yet. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do a bit more blog work, but for the rest of today I'll be gaming lots and hopefully doing some crochet if I'm up for it after the fudge. 
Stay as warm as you can during this cold spell! I'm currently envious of those of you living in the southern hemisphere and who are experience spring rather than autumn!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nayu's Recipes #9 How to make granola healthy

I love tropical granola which isn't this granola bowl (picture source)
This isn't a granola recipe that you'd find online. There are many of them, and I don't have the energy to handmake my granola. However, I do have an easy tip to make granola healthier. I adore granola in all it's crunchy granola-li-ness. (Go me for making up new words!) It's not the healthiest of cereal. I think muesli is healthier, and I tried muesli but I don't really like it, so granola remains. Some days I have straight granola (with milk), but there are other days I make healthier granola, and so can you! All you need is 1 vital ingredient. 
Yes, you are seeing cornflakes! Not sugar coated ones (which would defeat the point of healthier granola), but ordinary cornflakes mixed with granola make it a little healthier! It's simple, easy, and quick to do. To make it quicker you can pre-mix the cornflakes and granola in a tin, otherwise you can just add a handful to your granola and enjoy the lower calorie granola yumminess! (Another made up word?) 

Do you like mixing your cereals up for healthier/new combos? Or are you a toast and nutella breakfast person? 
Chocolately yumminess! (Picture source)

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #32 Coffee and Cream Dreams Complete!

Sneek peek time!

As promised in a previous post, it's time to show you to the complete Coffee and Cream Dreams blanket! 
It is very roomy, can almost wrap myself once in it, it sits rather nicely on the end of my bed (if only I was keeping it), and I'm really excited to have finished it. I'll try and put it up for sale by the end of next week (allowing for several days of a stubborn body being unable to work on the laptop, and maybe 1 day of the internet not working properly too), it will be perfect for snuggling up on this now distinctly cold Autumn slash Winter (I never know when the seasons are 'supposed' to start).

I had great fun making it, especially coming to the end because I used a border I found in a crochet book I have. I wish I could say that, but the border in the book didn't look like the book's picture, even though I followed the instructions fully. I then looked online for easy borders, and was then able to create the book's border with a slight adjustment to the pattern. It looks pretty, is super easy so I didn't need to keep reading the instructions after a few pattern repeats, and it was super exciting to finish. Simple can be best, this two colour blanket will look perfect in pretty much any room that needs a blanket. 
It looks great folded up too, with my phone as a size reference. Although I can't remember how many times I folded it, so can't say this is a quarter because it isn't. Oh well!
I do have another project I've started, which I'll show you in a couple of days once I take some photos and do a bit more on it.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #180 8pm Duel

This leaf (well, a leaf, not this exact leaf) is important so pay attention!
I wrote this post on Sunday, but I squiffy internet connection, so I wrote it but couldn't publish it then. Yesterday I needed a rest day, but today I can finally post it! 

As you can see today's title is a bit mysterious. I want to talk of a time about a week ago when I went in the garage before bed to grab my yogurt and frozen fruit (fridge is iin the garage, the indoor fridge door is a bit too heavy for me to handle regularly so it's the garage fridge for me). I was by the fridge, looked down and saw a mottled leaf. I gently kicked the leaf to move it aside – and boy was I glad not to pick the leaf because it was a gigantic slug! *places hands in exaggerated length* 

I was a little freaked as it was unexpected, so from then on I put the garage light on whenever I got my bedtime snack. That wasn't the end of the issue. The next day there was not 1 but 2 slugs. I was a bit braver now it wasn't an unexpected sight, I looked at the closely and realised that they are kind of cool. They have cute antenna, and move so much faster than I thought they good. They aren't what you'd call speedy, but they can sure move. Anyway, the funny thing was they were on opposite ends of the garage, almost with a straight line between them (or would you call that being parallel?), which made them look like they were two cowboys ready to duel. Cowslugs? Imagine if you crossed a slug with a cow...or maybe not. Hopefully I'm not giving you nightmares. Just found a sea bunny toy which I think is based on a sea slug - it's so cute!
This sea bunny was based on a sea slug!
Anyway, the night after that I switched on the light and said hello to the 3rd slug – the other two weren't there, and it was a different size to the previous 2 which is why it's #3. No duels that night.
The next night there were no slugs on the garage floor. There was one on the bottom of the fridge, so I got my family to come and remove it (while the rest wondered how a slug got in the fridge)...only this time it was a real leaf, not a slug. How am I to tell the difference when I'm sleepy, especially when I first mistook a slug for a leaf? 

If this was bigger it would make a perfect fridge for me - pink, flowery & Hello Kitty!
Sadly that was the last night of my slug sightings. I haven't seen any since. Instead of putting on the garage light, I keep the door open so the security light can help me check my first few steps, then I carefully open the fridge, using its light to check the fridge area for slugs. I'm too scared of stepping on one, even if I can handle being in the same vicinity (the same can't be said for worms which get bashed with whatever heavy object I can lay my hands on while being a tad hysterical). 

That's been the drama of the week. I reacted to the flu jab at the start, then had the 24 hour thing one of my family had only it lasted 72 hours (which I think is 3 days, I'm not good at maths), and now I'm talking about my slug duel. 

How was your week? 
While looking for a cute wellies pic I discovered some people use them for planting flowers - pretty nifty! Just make sure these aren't the ones you need to use.

Footnote: I've managed some exciting craft which I really was going to show you in the next post (so this one), but I've been shopping and not got the energy to take photos, so the crochet creation will be in the next post (hopefully).