Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #165 Unexpected Cat Alarm

Tick tock! Would love a pretty alarm clock like this one (although it might just be a normal clock...)
A lot of people wake up to an alarm. I used to almost every day when I had my last job. For now I'm able to be alarm free most days, which is nice, since I have trouble sleeping (wake early most of the time sometimes for no reason but mostly because of my chronic pain issues). 

If you read my last post you'll know I didn't sleep great on Sunday night, so really needed a good sleep Monday. I wear both a sleep mask and ear plugs to help make it super dark and quiet. Imagine my surprise when at 4.30am (my family checked the time) I get woken up by my cat who is purring super strong (she doesn't do that often) and wanting cuddles. My minor annoyance at waking up dissipated fast because I adore tickling her soft furry tummy, especially when she's in a super good mood. 
Look at that tummy!
Unfortunately I fell back asleep - if that happens it makes me even more tired that day than if I'd stayed up (doesn't make sense to me, but that's how it is with me). So yesterday was another quiet day. So is today, but at least I'm up for some crochet! I'm still working on this blanket, but it's growing steadily. 

After lunch I am switching to gaming, since one game I'm playing, Love Live School Idol Festival has an event that finishes today: for some reason the game's clock seems to be set to Japanese time, even though obviously the tablet is set to English time, so I've got until about 4pm to get 9 more special hearts so I can get special cards from the event. I realise to most of you that may not make sense, so I promise not to say more than that on it! 
This event is for girls in the unit called BiBI (part of the Muse unit) - it includes 2 of my favourite characters, Eli (right) and Maki (left), plus Nico (middle)
Have you ever spent a few hours trying to either get something in a game for a special event, or maybe lined up/queued to buy a special item/get something signed? It's similar to what I'm doing today! 
So true!

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