Friday, 31 March 2017

See you soon!

Random yet cute alpacas! I have used alpaca yarn and it's lovely ^o^
Totally ran out of energy to do a post each day so this will do until I'm back! Have a great weekend and take care!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Over On Nayu's Reading Corner #4

Off I go again! (not my suitcase, sadly)
For my most recent update including where and why I'm going away for a few days this weekend please head on over to my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner! If you've never been it's full of book reviews, some gaming & anime posts too. It seemed pointless creating 2 identical posts and I really wanted a load of anime pictures so that's why the update post isn't here - I use less anime pictures and more real life pictures here, if that makes sense.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #340 Cushion sewing!

Finally finished my latest sewing experiment!
So, I'd hoped to post sooner but due to needing my mega meds last week I've been out of action. I had fun doing some cross stitch which I didn't take a photo of while over at my crafty friend's house last Monday (a week and a bit ago). Using my mega meds was a last minute thing so I hadn't planned any posts prior to taking it, which I do generally try to do so you have some content up. 
I used a single bit of fabric for the cushion backing.
Anyway, while going through various stages of weird I did some craft. I wasn't up for following a pattern which ruled my counted cross stitch out. I definitely wasn't up for machine sewing, so I hand sewed a few squares together then added a backing. If you follow me on Twitter I think I posted a few pictures as the sewing progressed.
Close up of the cushion seams - nice and neat!
I wasn't entirely sure what it was going to turn into. I tried doing patchwork, but while my hand sewing is okay, my quilting stitches have a lot to be desired so I ditched that idea and turned it into a cushion. I used toy stuffing to make it puffy. 
There's no getting around that up close the final seam isn't the best, but that's because I haven't practiced neater closing stitches for edges.
I need to work on my seams for hand stitching as the final edge isn't brilliant, but I'm happy with how this first one has turned out! Definitely going to be making more soon. I'd love to know what you think of my small cushion, and if you've ever made one!
Belle has looked cute on my bed all day! Normally she goes elsewhere until the evening.

Friday, 17 March 2017


Your 'awww' moment of the day! This baby elephant is having fun splashing around!
Ended up needing my mega strong meds on Wednesday, so no blog post for a few days as it makes me go through all kinds of weirdness! Taking it easy being horizontal & not moving unless I have to.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #239 Crafting tomorrow!!!!

Feels like it's been a bit of a crazy weekend. Saturday there was no craft because I went grocery shopping so rested after. I ended up with less than 3 hours sleep Saturday night so Sunday was a gaming day as I was tired. Within the games I played I got some cute outfits including Disney's Stitch onesie on Disney Magic Castle #1. 

I've yet to have the items required to make the head. I slept great last night, but am hungover from being so tired yesterday so apart from a few blog posts I need to preschedule on Nayu's Reading Corner I'm having another quiet day gaming & watching stuff. Craft probably won't happen as I don't have the energy for it.

My sewing box - it now has sewing in it, rather than the crochet but this was the only picture I had on file. I love my koala ballerina which my family gave me when they visited Australia a few years ago. The sewing basket was from John Lewis and I got it from some friends as a joint present.
However, as the title of this post declares I'm doing craft tomorrow! I'm seeing the friend I craft with once a month, although due to various things on both of our sides we didn't meet in February. We're both really looking forward to catching up, and doing some craft. I'm not sure what I'll be taking, possibly some sewing of a new project because it's straight forward so I don't have to do much multi-tasking during talking. Hope to update you on Wednesday about that! 

Belle sleeping on my lap with her back to me
In other news I've a slightly grumpy cat because some unexpected home renovations cropped up at the weekend. My family are staying put, but I'm staying with a neighbour until Wednesday. I'm home all day, just go there at night, but my cat hates me not being there at night (she usually sleeps on me until I go to bed then relocates herself to me again). She sat with her back to my family on the sofa last night, on the blanket I use. Usually she faces the other way round! 

It's entertaining and she does forgive me for going away, it's just my family who have to deal with the fallout. Grumpy animals are hilarious!!!! I do feel sorry for her because she doesn't understand what's going on, but she bounces back fairly quickly so it doesn't negatively affect her in the long term. Have a great day!
Very true for me!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Nayu's Craft TIme #238 Patchwork fun!

Tick-tock with this cute bag (random online picture)
Mega brief post as I'm almost out of time online (had limited time today which is why this is such an early post - my body is so not awake right now, but it was either now or this afternoon. From lunch onwards I get more & more tired, so it made sense to make my online time today brief but vaguely making sense (hopefully!).

Having fairly quiet days as the general weather isn't agreeing with me yet - hurry up Spring! I'm working on an experimental patchwork project which is fun - it won't look anything like this super lovely patchwork quilt, but it's fun to make and will look pretty in it's own way! 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #237 Fantastic time in Devon!

All unpacked! (mine aren't this pretty)
Sorry I'm later than expected in posting - it's taken longer than expected to recover from my busy but fun Devon trip. Still not quite back to what counts as normality for me, but getting there slowly. Managing a small bit of blogging and checking emails today, hoping to do a bit more tomorrow. Today's the first day of doing online stuff and I didn't want to leave in you in limbo any longer. 

Entire phrase should read 'Thank you for looking after the cat" It uses the same chocolate mould I've used for a cat in the past!
I had a brilliant trip, it was so fun seeing my friend again. I made it to a chocolate shop, full of chocolate & they made chocolate on site (none being made when I went). I got this chocolate for my family - I live with them, but our cat is rather attached to me and becomes an Extremely Grumpy Madam whenever I'm away. I saw a rose garden (minus roses as they weren't blooming yet), had a yummy ice cream (blue bubblegum and blackcurrent with clotted cream), found an elusive M&S cafe (the store is huge!), watched lots of dvds and chatted lots too. 

I'm hoping to start craft again today, not been up for it, but it depends how I am once I've done today's chores (sorting laundry is a large effort activity for me and I usually do it over 2 days (sort 1 day, put away the next)
Hope you have a good one!