Sunday, 30 April 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #246 Back from holiday!

Making a cat bed out of a suitcase sounds a great idea! (Not my cat or suitcase).
I'm so sorry I didn't blog on holiday! I had hoped to, as you know, but I slightly underestimated the exhaustion side of the trip. I knew I'd be tired as it was an epic drive into the unknown for me, and I don't travel distances that well. Factor in doing more than I usually do most days & socialising for longer most days, well, you know what didn't happen! 
Poor body feeling a bit like it's been squashed like an elephant - unlike these yummy looking pancakes I spotted online!
I hope to fill you in over the next few weeks on my holiday adventures. I've got a routine hospital appointment in London on Tuesday so I'm resting as much as I can before that (so not really any time for anything but essential blog work). 

It was an incredible trip! I hope you enjoy the extra day off if you're in the UK this weekend, and if you are working that it's not too busy for you. 

Friday, 21 April 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #245 The Packing Mountain

Taking more than just 1 bag! (which isn't mine...)
When staying with my friend in Devon I can pack pretty fast as I know what to take. In theory Norfolk should be similar, with more clothes etc. In practice I'm taking a bit more, including my laptop, so have to factor in where to put everything in my car. Bear in mind I sleep like Princess and the Pea (several duvets to make any bed soft), so that's most of the back seat taken. . Going away for a week is somehow different to 5 days! I'm loading what I can today, and the rest tomorrow. Getting there slowly.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #244 Final preparations!

I've been doing some online blog work today in order to catch up before I go on holiday this Saturday. I'm really excited about seeing my friend in Norfolk - because I'll be away a week I am taking my laptop with me so I can do a bit of blog work - that way you can hear all about my adventures as they happen! My Etsy store is now closed until I'm back. I will be taking craft with me though!

An unusual housegift...
Nearly time to get a few groceries - nothing for me exactly. My friend is a laundry queen, she adores doing laundry, has enough for well over 200 washes, has 3 different conditioners on the go at the same time... you get the picture. My present for her is going to be...some laundry conditioner! Her love of laundry is a long standing joke between us, so she'll fully appreciate it. 

After groceries that's mostly me done for the day, bar the usual gaming and anime. Tomorrow I'll be packing (although quite a lot can't be packed until the last minute), and resting up for the big drive on Saturday! Just 2 more sleeps to go...

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #243 I'm here!

Super cute owls! Think they are little owls (a type of owl which is super tiny)
Sorry if I forgot to mention last time that I was having my mega strong meds this weekend (the one just gone) - felt rough for a day longer than expected, but today I'm slowly feeling better and doing more than gaming! Which has been fun. I've got through about 20 games (I wish I was joking), and found 3 (though mostly 2) that I'm sticking with which don't have evil glitches or require you to be a paying player just to get through the levels. That and some had terrible game play. 

So no craft yet, but I'm planning what I'm taking for my holiday in Norfolk (starts on Saturday!), and hope to do a bit later on while listening to an audiobook. 

For those of you in the UK and any other country that has just had a national holiday I hope you had a lovely break, that if you did work it was a bit enjoyable, and it's just 3.5 days until the weekend-woohoo! 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #242 Monday's craft session!

The start of a blanket
Happy Wednesday! Yesterday I was a bit more tired than I'd expected from being with my friend on Monday, so the promised post is just 1 day later than planned. As ever it was wonderful catching up with my friend, which included a random and amusing incident when she met someone famous in a local shop. Not saying who or where for privacy reasons, but trust me it was quite funny and sweet. As you can see from the top picture I got a bit of crochet done! Originally I was going to do just 1 row of the purple colour, but I hadn't realised that it had such large areas of white, so with my friend's advice decided on 2 rows which looks heaps better. 

I have a special craft ruler to do these measurements!
I spent most of the morning drawing 1/4 inch sewing lines on these yet to be handsewn bookmarks: I love this part of the bookmark process, and it made sense to draw the lines while I was at a table and needed something simple (otherwise I muck up whatever I'm working on because we chat while we craft). 
Bookmarks already finished compared with unfinshed one.
Hopefully I'll be getting on with these very soon, & some will appear on my Etsy shop soon too!

Today is involving a bit of blog work, then some writing and lots of reading! Tomorrow I hope to craft in the morning ^o^ 
I love ginger and white cats! These may be kittens...

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Nayu's Crafts Time #241 Back from my travels

A sign of summer for some, or an all year round treat if you're like me. My ice cream looked a bit like this, sadly without a waffle cone & with an extra scoop on top!
Hi all! I'm back from my semi-unplanned trip to Devon. I had fun catching up with my friend, watching dvds, doing an insane amount of gaming, and very little craft, just a bit of crochet which I haven't taken a photo of yet. I was on holiday!

There are English versions of these incredible Disney life simulation games!

 I took advantage of the free time to play the Disney series Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life 1 & 2 (The English version has a different title, I think, than the Japanese one). I'll be chatting more about them on my other blog, Nayu's Reading Corner soon. The week away was filled with sunshine after a bit of torrential rain on the drive down. I took a trip to the chocolate shop which I'd visited last time, and in that area was able to have bubblegum ice cream along with blackcurrant and clotted cream ice cream. There was only just enough of the bubblegum for a scoop, but I had it! 

I'm still recovering from the trip, as I wasn't able to rest all day on Friday: I'd (probably stupidly) agreed earlier in the week to have my 24 hour heart monitor fitted Friday morning, Discovered the tiny monitor is worth £2500 - will be glad when it's returned! Thankfully as my family work in the same hospital building they are returning it for me (the clinic isn't open on a Saturday when it should be returned but there's a special drop off box to put it in) so I didn't have to go there yesterday, but I did have to get groceries. Spent the rest of the day gaming and watching dvds while I rested. Managing a bit of blogging and other online stuff today, but as I'm out all day tomorrow with a friend, so will rest the remainder of today plus on Tuesday. 

My family saw lot of her back while I was away!
Predictably my cat was extremely grumpy most of the time I was away, not understand why I was away so soon after the previous trip or for a bit longer. Hopefully it will make the week long Norfolk trip at the end of this month easier for her. I do come back to her, just not for a several days. Family are with her, so she's not on her own, but she does like me a lot and hates her routine mucked up.

I made these! Bottom one not yet finished...
Craft news: I hope to start posting some of my new items on my Etsy shop soon! They include some bookmarks that I've started making (all hand stitched, nothing done on the machine). 

Anyway, I need to head offline shortly so as not to overdo things. Will post again hopefully on Tuesday with an update of what craft I do tomorrow. Or should that be did tomorrow?