Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #179 Easing back in

My cat was very curious when I rewound this ball of yarn today!
It's midway through the week, although in some ways it feels my week is just starting. I've been otherwise occupied since Saturday with recovering from stupid flu jab reaction. I didn't react last year, possibly not the year before that either. This year I did, so I crashed out watching Gilmore Girls, gaming, and managed to finish a craft project which I'll show in the next post! I'd say in tomorrow's post, but I've no idea what life has in store. Next post will do! Ok, maybe I can show you a peep now...
It was wonderful to finish it, and I've already started a new project which I really will show in the next post - right now I need lunch which I'm having as soon as I've finished my online work. Have you started anything new today/this week? There's satisfaction in finishing a project/task, and excitement in starting another so long as it's a pleasant one!

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