Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #161 My mini vacation

A novel way of reusing a suitcase - make it into a pet bed! Sadly not my cat...
Hi all! I'm back ^o^ Had a super time with a friend in Bristol. Had traffic issues on Friday, so it took me a good 4 hours to get there. On the way home it took about 2 hours, that was including nearly ending up in Wales (which borders England).
Definitely was going the wrong way by going into Wales!!!
Yes, roads with more than 3 lanes are confusing, especially when sat nav takes time to tell me which lane to get into, so by the time I need to keep right I'm in a left lane and can't switch. Nearly ended up at a toll bridge but thankfully managed to turn off and go back the way I was meant to. Was so glad to be home on Saturday!
Possibly the toll bridge I nearly ended up on. I'm not a bridge person so I'm glad I didn't have to cross it!

We chatted a lot, visited a horse my friend helps look after, and watched almost all of the opening ceremony to the Rio Olympics.

I'm not a sport person, but for the first time I did watch some of the Olympics: gymnastics...
and shooting (two rather different disciplines). I'm hoping to watch some of the synchronised swimming too.
Rio Olympic pool!
Not being a sport enthusiastic I'd had my fill after about 20 minutes, but that was enough to keep me happy. Hope to watch a bit more today - I want to, and the Olympics only happens every 4 years (Winter Olympics in 2 years - can't wait as I adore ice skating and will be watching it for the first time ^o^)
So pretty!
I'm resting lots as the trip took a lot out of me (which I expected). Hence only the blog post today - hope to catch up over on Nayu's Reading Corner blog posts tomorrow. I've caught up with all my emails (I think).

My phone looks like this (only in black)
I've had an amusing 40 minutes with EE trying to sort a phone issues. Mine will only send 1 page of texts at a time, not the 3-7 page long texts it usually does. I'm getting a callback tomorrow to see if some updates have worked. I hope so as I send long texts to a friend several times a day, so having to send lots of short ones. Will keep you posted on the result of that incident.

Managed a little bit of crochet, but not enough to show you yet (as in I did 2 rows, which doesn't sound much but the blanket is growing larger). I may do some more later today, I don't know. Need a rest now ^o^
Not literally true, but I hope to have a smidge more energy by resting lots - I love this sewing! Not mine, sadly.

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