Friday, 30 September 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #173 Technological Updates & Friendship

This was a similar message to what I was met with this morning, only I started at 0%...
Given that I have limited energy each day, I was not best pleased today when upon starting my laptop decided do an update that took 1hr 15mins. There was nothing I could do to pause it or speed it up, so I did the next best thing and dealt with some emails on my tablet (Some had to wait), and gamed until my laptop finally settled itself. 

Because of that I have little time left for blogging. So today's is uber short, but I have something fun alongside the minor tech grumble! I visited family yesterday and a 7 year old made me this cute friendship bracelet! Please excuse the poor quality pictures - I don't have the time to keep taking them until they are good.
Apparently she taught herself how to do them using the plaiting method, and in the absence of her sister to hold the thread she was inventive & used a doorknob! I was touched to receive it and am happily wearing it - my skin is too white and blotchy to be shown on camera, hence the off the arm picture. 
It's easier to see the colours here: lilac, orangey yellow & blue
It's good timing as I'm giving her and her sister a book including how to make friendship bracelets for their next gift, so I know it will go down well! I remember making lots of friendship bracelets (mostly for myself as I didn't have lots of friends when I was younger - I was old enough to use a safety pin to secure the bracelet while I made it as I remember pinning it to my jeans.

I'll save the exciting place I went to with my family yesterday evening until tomorrow's post, until then I'd love to know if you've made a friendship bracelet and/or have received some!

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