Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #162 Unity of gaming & craft

Wish I had a relaxation corner like this! I could curl up and read, or game on my handhelds, or do craft...
So today I've done a bit of blog work, and shortly going to game and read. Craft may be later, I'm a bit flaky today so anything that can be done is a bonus. I definitely want to read the next chapter in my wip that I'm working on (work in progress), hopefully even make notes on it too. 

This morning I came up with today's title, because it makes sense to me. I find gaming so (or should that be a bad pun of sew?!) motivational. There are heaps of colours and patterns in most games, the cuter the better! While at the moment I don't have enough supplies to create game specific items, I feel inspired by what I see, and want to share today's favourite picture: 

Miku's standard outfit!
This is the vocaloid (non-human synthesized voice) Hatsune Miku, known as Miku! She is extremely famous with her twin ponytails, but, as you can see in the photo below she has many different hair styles & colours + lots of outfits. 
Miku with gorgeous ombre hair! (if that's the correct term...)
This is one which I've unlocked in the game. I adore the combination of green and pink in her hair, it looks super cute, and provides a colour combination for me to store in my not so brilliant memory for future projects. Here's the other outfit I've unlocked - I wanted to put pictures of my game but my email is taking ages to load. 
She's so cute! Got a snow white outfit here, I think.
I'd love to hear about your ideal relaxation space, and what games/music/videos/something else inspires you in your craft!

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