Saturday, 18 June 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #24 I learn to make fabric bookmarks!

Hi everyone! I am sorry for making you wait since Thursday for this post, but I can finally reveal what I made using the above fabric - it's bookmarks! 
The one on the left has interfacing (a very thin layer of material that is ironed on (there are non-iron on varieties), and the one on the right was my 1st bookmark without interfacing, and I hadn't cut a bit of fabric so I couldn't get a point on one of the corners.
Alice in Wonderland themed clock bag - so cute! Wish it was a real clock!
It took a few hours to figure out what to do, not because it was that hard - I did have to investigate about interfacing, and look up how to stitch the top part once I'd turned it inside out - but because I kept getting distracted by my new toy....
I'm sure you'll understand why though! 

Anyway, once I finally figured it out and created the 2 prototypes (they won't be for sale), I prepared for my next sewing session by cutting out both the bookmark fabric and interfacing to the correct side so all I have to do is pin them and sew! Got some super cute designs for you below! Let me know what you think of them, and see you next time!
Forthcoming bookmark designs!

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