Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #139 Stormy start with brighter fabric filled fun later

If I stay like this the storm/headache may go away...
The title is accurate because we did have a big thunderstorm at the weekend (at least I think it was the weekend), and I had a migraine when I woke Sunday so slept away most of the morning, then had the usual exhaustion (still getting over that) then yesterday I wasn't very well. I am once again on the mend, just making sure I have a lot of rest. 

Not my screen shot, but my gaming does have a fabric theme!
When I have a migraine usually can't stand looking at screens, and I frequently get noise and light sensitivity. Somehow I was fine playing on my 3DS this time so I spent a lot of time on Animal Crossing New Leaf rearranging stuff in my town, doing lots of fishing etc. I didn't read the Japanese as that was too much brain power, but the rest I could do on autopilot and kept my mind off how rough I felt. There is a clothes shop, with two sisters - the one at the sewing machine is super shy and it takes days of trying to talk to her before she will say something.

Gaming isn't the only thing I did - in short bursts I carried out with my mammorth bookmark preparation project, finishing the current step this morning. I cut interfacing for the bookmarks - both what I call normal size and mini size bookmarks. I'm probably combining the two to create fun sets, I'm super eager to see the finished product as the fabric is adorable, very kawaii! Some is elegant and a little bit cute, so there'll be a bookmark for everyone! 

I finished cutting interfacing for all the bookmarks. The next step, ironing on the interfacing will hopefully happen tomorrow, with the actual bookmark making starting next week. My laptop battery is dying so I'm going now - will post more on the bookmarks tomorrow! 

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