Sunday, 12 June 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #23 Portable DVD Player Bag

Morning all! For those of you who keep tabs on me on Twitter or Facebook (although mostly Twitter, as I always post there and posting on Facebook when it's not for a post is hit and miss at the moment) you'll have seen the above image this week. I was using the fabric to make a cute bag from this book. 
What I love about the book is how many photos and illustrations there are because of the younger reader group it's aimed at. It's super easy to follow, and took just 4 hours for me to make a cute bag for my portable dvd player! I've got a new one which didn't come with a bag like it's predecessors, so I needed to make one. It's the first time I've sewn with wadding (aka batting in the USA, which I have a habit of saying and confusing my family with), and the longest part was the measuring and cutting out stage. 
And the ironing stage. I didn't have to iron the wadding though.
I sewed the handles using a different pattern to the suggested handle version for the bag. I managed to go a bit wrong too...
A lopsided handle isn't a good thing...

Here's the detail of where I sewed it to the inside fabric by accident.
...I sewed the handle to the bag in an extra place! It didn't take long to unpick the stitches, but it gave me a newfound respect for sewers on the 2016 BBC Great British Sewing Bee who have to unpick during one of their challenges - mine was easy to see and I had all the time in the world, they use tricky fabrics and are extremely time limited! 

Tada! This is how the book looks, with the ends not sewn in...
I honestly had meant to sew in the ends today, but ran out of time so you'll have to put up with them. I adore the funky cherries on the outside and the cute purple white gingham on the inside. The ribbons are not appropriate for the bag - they are too flimsy to hold something heavy, but I'd made this as a trial because I had no idea how successful I'd be (I'm not that confident a sewer) so simply used whatever spare ribbon I could find. This bag will hold light items only! Another will be made this month, hopefully. ^o^

I'd love to hear what you think of it! 

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