Sunday, 19 June 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #138 Cat cuteness & social media control

Occasionally Belle can be found on the heated blanket when it is turned off and stored behind the sofa (when I'm not using it) It was a pleasant surprise to feel a handful of fur instead of the duvet cover when I went to pull it out!)
Morning all! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. If you aren't, then hopefully the cute pic of my cat Belle cheers you up a little. 

I'm almost over the initial side-effects of taking my mega strong pain meds on Thursday - yay! Managed to catch up with blog work (always good) briefly check email (ditto) and...

...I've signed up to Hootsuite! It's an online social media program, where you can send the same info to your social media accounts without you having to do it! While I've signed up today, I won't be using it just yet. I'll need 1-2 more sessions online learning how to use it before I test it out. It means that no matter what I'm doing, when new posts go up you'll be notified of them immediately - yay! This will save me work and keep you up to date on everything. This is much needed, as so often posts go up but I'm not available/well enough to talk about them online. 

Hopefully as of tomorrow I'll be returning to my normal routine - regardless of whether I am another post will be up because I'm scheduling it in now for you!
Another cute pic to make you smile!

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