Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #340 Cushion sewing!

Finally finished my latest sewing experiment!
So, I'd hoped to post sooner but due to needing my mega meds last week I've been out of action. I had fun doing some cross stitch which I didn't take a photo of while over at my crafty friend's house last Monday (a week and a bit ago). Using my mega meds was a last minute thing so I hadn't planned any posts prior to taking it, which I do generally try to do so you have some content up. 
I used a single bit of fabric for the cushion backing.
Anyway, while going through various stages of weird I did some craft. I wasn't up for following a pattern which ruled my counted cross stitch out. I definitely wasn't up for machine sewing, so I hand sewed a few squares together then added a backing. If you follow me on Twitter I think I posted a few pictures as the sewing progressed.
Close up of the cushion seams - nice and neat!
I wasn't entirely sure what it was going to turn into. I tried doing patchwork, but while my hand sewing is okay, my quilting stitches have a lot to be desired so I ditched that idea and turned it into a cushion. I used toy stuffing to make it puffy. 
There's no getting around that up close the final seam isn't the best, but that's because I haven't practiced neater closing stitches for edges.
I need to work on my seams for hand stitching as the final edge isn't brilliant, but I'm happy with how this first one has turned out! Definitely going to be making more soon. I'd love to know what you think of my small cushion, and if you've ever made one!
Belle has looked cute on my bed all day! Normally she goes elsewhere until the evening.

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  1. Your cushion looks super chic and cute! I love the flower pattern. Also, your cat is super adorable. XD


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