Monday, 20 June 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #25 Bookmark preparation!

At the moment I'm keeping everything on a lap tray and storing it under my bed for ease of use
While letting my lovely strong pain meds whizz about my body Friday I was able to do some more preparation for making gorgeous bookmarks! As you can see above I've got a lovely variety of fabric to make them from.This is my preferred work area which is comfier than my desk so I can craft for longer.
Nostalgic! & a reminder I had actually wanted to get a set like this...
I'm having so much fun cutting out both the interfacting and the fabric, it takes me back to my childhood when I did a lot of cutting out paper/card to make something crafty. Some thrills ever change! I hope to be able to make some this week, after a bit more prep work so I can sew away without interruptions for more preparations. I'd love to know what you think of the fabric, if you've made bookmarks/love craft! 
This is an idyllic craft area! Not that keen on the chair, I adore the white unit with all the fabric coours (at least I think it's fabric..)

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