Thursday, 16 June 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #137 New shiny toy + Bookmark announcement!

Hi all! Aside from life preventing me from posting until now (both busy & ill), I'm doing great! A shiny new non-craft toy arrived at the weekend...
My Japanese 3DS! I've been gaming an awful lot. It's a Japanese version because an anime I adore am obsessed with/am a major fangirl of, Aikatsu! has games that haven't been released on the English 3DS.
This is a dance rhythm kind of game

I've got Animal Crossing games for it too - next Friday (not tomorrow) I'll link to a post that's going up on Nayu's Reading Corner which gives the lowdown on it. 
Let me know if you already play this! Mine is the Japanese version.
Craft wise I have been a bit busy - but I'm going to have to be mean and leave you with the teaser that went up on Twitter yesterday - come back on Saturday to see what I've made! 

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