Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #134 Zummer Friendz!

This fits the image of a dawn chorus!! Picture source
Today's title spelling errorz were on purpose! (As was the last one...) Spring slash summer is on the way for sure! I've been enjoying the bird calls at dawn on the days I've been awake that early, and missed them when I've woken later. There's something about nature coming to life which makes me feel more alive. 
A clever beehive which seems to collect honey without the bees bee-ing disturbed! Picture source
Anyway, the other day I had a humungous bee enter the house. I heard the buzzing and thought it was on steriods as it was HUGE! As I went around opening windows and doors to persuade it to go back outside, I marvelled at how incredible it is. Okay it was a bit dim in not going to the fresh air straight away, but I could see it was full of pollen which made it a pretty sight. Without theze little creaturez we wouldn't have flowers and plants bloom for both beauty and food. We owe them so much that if you can stand insects of the buzzing type please don't whack 'em with a slipper, gently coax them outside (or use a container and a bit of card to scoop them up first) so they can continue their necessary journey in this big world. Out of resepect of those with genuine bee issues I've avoided posting a picture of a bee, as I don't want you to not to read my blog!
The sweet stuff! Picture source

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