Saturday, 24 September 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #171 Trials of being a cat owner

She kind of looked like this the other night
Little beats going to bed and finding my medium sized fluffball sprawled across my bed, looking super cute before she settles herself on me at night. This is a privilege, because during the summer months Belle tends to prefer sleeping elsewhere: on the spare bed in various positions, on a chair in the kitchen, and who knows where else she goes. It occasionally can be my family's empty laundry basket. She is a cat who seems to walk through walls, disappearing to a place none of us know until she eventually comes out of hiding and down for some food. 

This morning she wasn't very well, so I had to clean up the warm mess. I always feel desperately sorry for her because puking is horrid, more so when the person/animal involved doesn't know what's going on. I opted not to feed her the same food for second breakfast, as it's a brand which can be problematic with her. This time there were no furballs, so the weekly brushing is working! 

Grossness aside, being ill means in my grocery shop today I'm going to try another brand of food. We have 3 in rotation, Felix, Whiskers (the one with the issues) & the Gourmet range. I'm hoping that Sainsbury's have some of their own brand in fish flavour - me & my family tend not to feed Belle meat other than chicken in the packet meals. I'll have to see - need to get a move on as my chemist closes at 1 & I need to pick up a prescription - bye! 

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