Thursday, 3 November 2016

Nayu's Recipes #9 How to make granola healthy

I love tropical granola which isn't this granola bowl (picture source)
This isn't a granola recipe that you'd find online. There are many of them, and I don't have the energy to handmake my granola. However, I do have an easy tip to make granola healthier. I adore granola in all it's crunchy granola-li-ness. (Go me for making up new words!) It's not the healthiest of cereal. I think muesli is healthier, and I tried muesli but I don't really like it, so granola remains. Some days I have straight granola (with milk), but there are other days I make healthier granola, and so can you! All you need is 1 vital ingredient. 
Yes, you are seeing cornflakes! Not sugar coated ones (which would defeat the point of healthier granola), but ordinary cornflakes mixed with granola make it a little healthier! It's simple, easy, and quick to do. To make it quicker you can pre-mix the cornflakes and granola in a tin, otherwise you can just add a handful to your granola and enjoy the lower calorie granola yumminess! (Another made up word?) 

Do you like mixing your cereals up for healthier/new combos? Or are you a toast and nutella breakfast person? 
Chocolately yumminess! (Picture source)

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