Friday, 9 September 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #168 Where the week went

Me today on AC:NL beside an evergreen tree with a yellower peach tree beside it. Autumn is coming!
I both find it hard and easy to believe I haven't blogged for a week! Got a bit busy, then was randomly ill while waiting for a car service on Tuesday, so spent the next few days resting. I watched dvds, gamed a lot on Animal Crossing New Leaf where the trees are starting to go yellow since Autumn has begun, and read a lot too. That literally has been my week! Not a lot to note, other than my lovely cat being her crazy adorable self, running around in the bath!
Sadly not a bath like this one which I think is pretty cool, but she frequently forgets her tail is attached to herself. I'm sure many of you who are pet minders can understand that amusing dilemma! the bath!

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