Saturday, 10 September 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #169 Horse fun & plant power!

Frequently whenever I hear about horses, I think about the wonderful Thellwell ponies I read about as a child.
No, I'm not riding! I love horses in fiction, I'm wary of them in real life. However, I'm going to visit a friend's horse this evening. He has recently been retired, and she is moving away from me to sunny Devon, and her horse will have to stay put as he's a bit too old to be traipsing across the country. So it's a quiet day of rest, conserving my energy for tonight! 

I thought you'd like a look at the plants on my window ledge. They frequently get neglected, but I got rid of all the dead leaves/stems this week and there are new flowers on 2 of them! This is incredible! The African violet (with the most leaves) is one I grew from a single leaf, and this is the first flower (hence the excitement). I've no clue what the pure white one is, apart from the fact it's the 2nd time it's flowered since I bought it. I'd love to hear if you're growing anything! 

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