Monday, 19 September 2016

Nayu's Recipes #8 Speedy 3 veg stirfry

Sorry it's not the best picture, took it with my tablet camera.
With autumn most definitely on the way, I have plenty of meals prepared in the freezer since my body hates the cold & wet English weather so cooking is low on my agenda. Last week I needed to use up a home grown yellow courgette given to me by a family member, 
Yellow courgettes taste similar to green courgettes (at least they do to me), so green ones are good for this recipe too!

so I teamed it up with delicious aubergine and some peas to create a super speedy stirfry! 
Purple and delicious aubergine! Super yummy.
Ordinarily I like to start a stirfry by gently frying an onion, but I had none so didn't use it. I simple chopped the courgette and aubergine into quarters then sliced them. I added a bit of olive oil, and began cooking the veg. 
A smidge of olive oil goes a long way. You can use any oil, depending if you want a strong taste or a lighter taste.
The exact timing is unknown, since I did it to how cooked I like both veg. Part way through to help with the cooking I did add some water (instead of more oil) - water frying is super easy to do, and if you look it up online you'll find out all about it. I then added the peas, and let the 3 vegetables cook some more. 
Peas are super yummy, full of protein, and most people like them! I added mine straight from frozen but you can defrost them if you like
Once I was getting close to the veg being cooked to my taste I popped a microwave rice packet in the microwave, and crumbled 1 vegetable stock cube into my aubergine, courgette, and pea mix. I then added the rice once cooked, stirred it around and voila! My aubergine, courgette, and pea stirfry was ready! 
It tastes super yummy, and is an easy recipe to adapt to whatever vegetables you have. You don't have to use microwave rice, any rice will do, or if you want a change try some noodles. Whatever's in your store cupboard will be fine, and you can add whatever seasoning you fancy. Instead of a stock cube I sometimes use soy sauce and ginger, or I buy a stirfry sauce and add it. I'd love to hear what your go-to stirfry is!
I found a purple frying pan! Not mine (which is my family's and a boring black) but looks so cool! What colour would you have?

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