Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #31 Coffee and Cream Dreams

Worked on this today!
Today I've spent the day working on this blanket while chatting with a friend. She worked on a cross stitch kit which said it was advanced (the highest level), but it looked so simple. The only reason we can find for it being advanced is that the backstitch outline for the flowers is in colour on the same sheet as the main pattern (making it a bit tricky to see which of the underneath stitches need to be stitched in which colour (apologies if I don't make sense, I'm tired but wanted to update you on my blanket). 

The picture above is today's progress, with my phone for size comparision, and the picture below is the previous progress picture. I've done about 3-5 more rows. I should be able to manage a few more before the yarn runs out. Relaxing tonight and tomorrow - tonight will be without crochet, just some dvds and games. Tomorrow I'll have to see how my body feels after it's trip today! Hope you all have a good rest of the day! 
It was a lot smaller here - I can no longer photograph it on that point on my floor as it's too big.

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