Friday, 22 July 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #143 Healthy Vegan Lentil, Grains & Spinach Dahl, Crown Fishing & Secret Baking Project!

I had this for lunch!
Afternoon everyone! I hope your week has gone well/as well as it can depending how life is treating you at the moment. I've been quite flakey the last few days, so been resting a lot. I've done a bit of crochet - although not enough to show you, but some progress is better than none. I managed to make this super easy & fairly quick (minus the whole boiling) lentil & mixed grain/bean dahl. 

I used a so-called soup mix which was full of various lentils & grains/beans/peas (no liquid or flavourings in it, so not sure why it's a soup mix as all my soups exclude beans & grains), plus added some red lentils (I unearthed the packets from the pantry and want to use them before the sell-by-date). Once those were cooked according to the instructions which for the soup mix included overnight soaking, I threw in some spinach leaves and fresh basil, let it wilt a little (using a sophisticated cooking term!) and put it in a bowl. 

I then lightly fried 2 small onions in olive oil, added a bit of fresh ginger, plus 1 vegetarian stock cube, before mixing it with the already cooked grains/lentils. I'm not doing a full on recipe because I simply followed the packet instructions and used my common sense (I don't have a lot of that...). It's super tasty, low fat, got lots of veggies in (oh yes there's some yellow pepper in there too), as far as I can tell is both vegetarian & vegan, although don't think it's gluten free. I'm not vegan, but I have vegan friends so I am having fun investigating what kind of food they eat. It's super tasty, filling, and you can adjust the quantities of everything/add entirely new ingredients to suit your tastes.

I've been reading, and currently busy gaming as I have less than 2 hours to get about 300,000 bells on Animal Crossing New Leaf to get the queen crown! It's gorgeous!!! 
The deadline is because my shops close at 7, I think, as I'm an early bird town (shops open early). Or maybe they do stay open later...I don't want to risk it so am doing as much fishing on the island as I can. Now it's after 5pm in theory more sharks should be out and more expensive bugs will be out too. Apologies if this makes no sense, it's an awesome game! 

I've been doing some reading too, and have just been asked to join in a super special book review activity which will involve baking! The review will be on Nayu's REading Corner sometime in August - I'm finalising details with the publicist. I will do a joint post here because what I'm making I've never made before, and it looks super fun! 
Insert your favourite hobby to personalise this statement!
That's as much of a clue that I can give you now - my lips are sealed! Or should that be my fingers are tied? Either way I'm saying nothing!!! 

This weekend I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing yet. Might be seeing a friend on Sunday, might not (it's dependent on whether she's busy or not and she won't know just yet). Got a few tasks that must be done, but apart from that I'm sure there will be the usual gaming, reading, and hopefully I'll be up for some more craft too! 

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