Thursday, 26 May 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #23 Birth of a crochet blanket!

My cat Belle being adorable!
Since I've nothing else to report today (ended up doing 0 craft yesterday...) I thought I'd finally share pictures of the current blanket which I'm making from the start to it's current stage. 

#1) Start with two balls of yarn 

#2) Unravel then rewind yarn into true balls of yarn. 
These are the balls I'm currently using. They did both start the same size!

#3) Start blanket 
I have rows!!!

#4) Keep crocheting! 
I have more rows!!

#5) Blanket's current size 

It's fun to think I create all this from something so simple as yarn. I'll share more as it grows! 
I'm finishing with a random picture of a cute squirrel which was going to be the opening picture, because why not have a cute furry friend? Belle naturally has to come first!

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