Monday, 30 May 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #133 Scrummy green smoothie & Craft this week

This is a yummy looking banana, mango and greek yogurt smoothie - picture source includes the recipe!
So on Sunday I was going to try a yummy sounding new breakfast: a banana and mango green smoothie using some frozen fruit I bought this week, not using the recipe of the picture since I prefer milk and add other stuff which will change the colour drastically. Last week I had bananas in my organic box, so I broke them into chunks using my hand because I couldn't be bothered to use a knife. Then while shopping this week I discovered Aldi's bargain frozen food: 500g/17oz of mango or pineapple or strawberries for £1.09!!! Bargain! Mixed fruit (grapes, some berries and cherries) are from about £1.49 (if my memory serves correctly), which is currently cheaper than Sainsbury's basic frozen berry mix which used to be closer to the £1 mark. 
Love my local store!
I normally don't blog about how much things cost, but I must wax lyrical over Aldi's frozen fruit (possibly just a summer range) because it is that good. I bought a packet of each, and since I don't have much room in the freezer I decanted each packet into a biodegradable plastic bag. Naturally I had to sample one of each and I was shocked at just how tasty it was. Way cheaper than fresh fruit, which is expensive if you use exotic fresh fruit, and far less messy too (& minus the inevitable extra sugar which you get in canned fruit. I know some may be in water, but the cheaper brands tend to stick with sugar). 
All 3 fruit come in very sturdy containers which my family are now using in the garden for gardening stuff! Picture source

However, I haven't been quite 100% lately so I didn't want extra work of preparing a smoothie (Sunday onwards) so I stuck with a tasty bowl of granola ^o^ I hope to make the smoothie tomorrow, which will be the broken banana, frozen mango, 1 sheet of nori (small sheet of seaweed), some frozen spinach (handily pre-portioned by myself), some flax seed and some blueberries on top for texture (hate just a smoothie for breakfast, need something solid).  
A girly sewing corner (not mine) Picture source
Craft is possibly not happening until Thursday - I'm currently working on finishing a project by Thursday to create more time for writing and craft. So please bear with me while I'm a non-crafty blogger. I'll do my best to chat about other things! (Shouldn't be hard, I'm already going to pre-schedule tomorrow's post).

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