Sunday, 8 May 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #124 Cat drama, Grocery Skip, Quiche delight, sewing time!

This is sort of an innocent garden shed.
Hearing caterwauling 5 mins after waking up saw me out of bed, at the window, and praying my cat didn't get hurt as she stood her ground over her territory on a neighbour's garden shed roof. There are just some things a cat owner shouldn't witness! I can proudly say the other cat slunk away-given my cat is prone to letting strange cats in the house this is indeed progress.

Love this bed when I spotted it - it reminds of Little House on the Prairie when Laura and Mary slept in a trundle bed kept under their parents bed! Obviously not looking like this... Picture source
Adrenaline is one way to wake up fully! I did go back to bed and catch up on last night's Casualty episode from BBC 1. I wasn't up for crochet and I'm glad as it involved a fair few subtitles saying 'earlier' since it was full of flashbacks. Very good ep!

Groceries can wait because...
I was due to go shopping later but I feel like an afternoon of sewing so I'll postpone it to tomorrow instead. This is me listening to what my body wants!
 I did manage to get some sewing in yesterday. White thread on white canvas does require a lot of concentration, but I managed to almost finish the polar bear on the Z  and make a start on the Y penguin. A different colour is needed for the bear-I do 1 colour at a time, not 1 section at a time. Looking forward to some homemade quiche at lunch-the one Imade the other week
No, I'm not food poisoning myself, it's called frozen quiche ^u^ It will be much needed after a morning of blog work and writing! I'm still making notes on my wip (work in progress, a term used in both the writing and craft worlds) which is good fun for refreshing my memory on the story. Already seen areas that need improvement, as well as what I think are good bits.


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