Sunday, 1 May 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #120 Fangirling over yogurt + Waitrose, & combatting headaches

In the absence of a photo this is a pic I use a lot to represent myself online. I sadly don't have green slash blue hair...
Afternoon everyone! I honestly hadn't expected to blog today, as I had a headache yesterday (more on that in a mo) and just got back from grocery shopping so am tired. However, all I wanted to do was share my weekend so this is what I'm doing! 

This isn't a sponsored announcement, more a personal recommendation as I love the product but Waitrose are doing 2 pots of the flavoured Yeo Valley yogurts for £2: I'm trying the new (to me) limited edition Banana and Custard!
I'm fussy with bananas (the fruit) but love banana flavour dairy products (banana milk = much love! Rarely have it)

and also having a firm favourite of Black Cherry!
If you didn't already know from this post about fromage frais I love yogurt! It's so tasty, and is my snack with my bedtime meds. Oh I also found a low fat yogurt that I actually like. Low fat yogurts tend to have a particular taste which I don't like. I am trying various ones, decided I didn't like the Yeo Valley 0% fat Vanilla yogurt and it was a struggle to eat the rest of the remaining yogurt. However, yay to Waitrose for producing a fat free yogurt which doesn't have a funny taste!!! 

Seriously delicious, couldn't find the image online so took photos. Yes the tub is on a blanket in my room - it's empty & all washed out, being a very sturdy tub to keep things in. Highly recommend it! 

I also recommend signing up for a My Waitrose card, because you can save quite a bit by having up to 10 items at 20% off (you have to choose them online and terms & conditions apply. See Waitrose website for details), and from time to time you get sent specially offers. Today I got an entire bottle of Waitrose essential laundry conditioner for FREE!!!! & that's with me not always using my card and never spending much on each shop. Well worth the minimal effort of signing up ^o^ I also had half-price for other laundry products, which isn't to be sniffed at. There's also a free newspaper, a free tea or coffee (if had in the cafe you must buy a cake...which is why I get cake when my parents go shopping there! The slices are ginormous!)

The good white stuff!
 I realise I may sound like an ad for Waitrose, but I love how well they treat their staff and customers, and all the offers available. Sometimes the organic food is cheaper than the 'normal' food - I noticed this for kiwis. At the moment I rarely get organic food, just once a month with an organic box scheme, I  always have organic milk, and sometimes organic yogurt. The downside of today's shop was there was no frozen sweetcorn at all. I could have broken up corn on the cob, but not a single bag full of deliciously sweet nuggets of goodness. No store is 100% perfect ^o^ I hope Sainsbury's has some the next time I go in (& frozen fruit, as theirs is cheaper than Waitrose)

Mine looked a bit like this, only in triangles
Yesterday I had lunch with a friend which was good fun, but I wasn't feeling great. I'd woken with a headache - thankfully not a  migraine, but enough of a headache I tried to nap before I left to go out. I survived lunch with yummy garlic bread & very thick layered smoked salmon sandwiches (mega yum), naturally taking the leftovers home with me. Possibly an odd combination, (bread + bread) but I really fancied garlic bread, so I went for it.  

This would be such a cool bedroom - all pink & girly!
I felt rather bleh when I returned so headed back to bed & tried to sleep again. I didn't, at least I don't think so, and I then didn't sleep well last night, so I honestly didn't expect to be up for writing a blog post today. Like I said at the start of the post I just really wanted to write a post, so here it is! I'm all for the 'if you feel like it, do it' when you don't feel great. Within reason, of course. 

Time for me to go, but I'd love to hear of your supermarket experiences, what your favourite items are, and anything else you'd like to talk about! I was going to chat about today's sewing progress, but this post ended up rather long so will chat about it tomorrow. 

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