Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Nayu's Project Progress #22 Cute Baby sampler update!

I'd love a sewing basket like this one, full of spring colours and a lot of pink!
I'm actually popping in to my local craft club today as I haven't been for months and want to catch up with everyone. Don't know if I'll go regularly yet, but will try and pop in more than once a year. Soar today's post is a short catch up on my sewing progress! The previous update was this picture. 
I'm still finishing off the multiple shades of white in the animals, but hopefully you can see the difference here. 
That was about 6 hours of sewing - yes, apparently 6 hours of anything isn't a good idea for me. Worth it though! My body doesn't want to repeat it so I won't. I will sew in much smaller time segments. Have you done a marathon of anything crafty/non-crafty recently?
Spotted this cute, girly, dainty clock online!

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