Friday, 20 May 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #129 Saving flowers, the reviving power of hot chocolate, & friendship!!

Any idea what this is?
Hi all! I'm trying to see if watercress flowers saved from watercress my family got me when they went to a watercress fair will flower for me. I've no idea, but it seemed a shame to throw them away without giving them a chance.

Hot chocolate kept me going in the afternoon - sadly without the cream on top!
I hope you are looking forward to the weekend. This weekend I'm looking forward to some blog catching up (mostly my other blog), as well as a lot of rest time as I'm a bit busy visiting people at the moment. Yesterday's craft club visit went well, although combined with a small grocery shop wiped me out a little more than expected, leading to an unintended rest day yesterday (which is currently today as I'm typing this post). 

This afternoon I'm having lunch with a good friend who like me has chronic illness and has her own business selling flowers, although she is a bit more advanced in the selling side than I am but it's nice to get tips from her. Monday I am out all day crafting with another friend who I see every month. I am determined to get some sewing in before I see her! Hopefully I can do that tomorrow (Sat) or at least a little on Sun. We'll see! 

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