Thursday, 12 May 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #126 Spring crochet facecloths, Cat antics, Investigating black rooms & mystery food!

Spring colours!
Hi everyone! Yesterday was a quiet-ish day. Rain doesn't always agree with me so I spent the morning working on these crochet face cloths/face flannels. These are made of a much softer cotton than my dishcloths, which look like this and can always be used as an exfoliation cloth, lotion not included! 
Lemon & white = bright & cheerful!
At the moment I'm undecided if they should have loops for hanging them up, so may have it as an option so you can choose to buy them with or without a handy loop to suit your preference.

Not the cover of the book mentioned, but it's at least the title. I find the cover a bit creepy.
I had a delicious salad and jacket potato yesterday which I will chat about tomorrow because 1 key ingredient is a new favourite food of mine.. I wasn't in the mood for gaming, so fiddled around with anime books and Youtube. After dipping into a reread I read quite a harrowing experience of child abuse for review, and recovered with happy go lucky anime Aikatsu. Paper Butterflies by Lisa Heathfield is out in June, I highly recommend it, but make sure you have tissues and something fun to do after. 
My kind of fun is seeing Otome glomp (hug with fangirl love) Ichigo in Aikatsu

Not mine but I'd love a cat with this colouring!
I just had to get up to let my cat know she isn't allowed on a certain spot in my room, not that you need  know that as this isn't a vlog, but I felt like sidetracking you! Who doesn't like a cat interruption?

Sample of camoflage patterns - I have to research a lot when writing!
Today I was up rather early, so once I woke up fully I got stuck into writing. I finally finished making notes on the seemingly endless chapter 13! It's not mega long, but because there were a lot of details to the environment my characters are in, I had to note it all down for future reference. Doing this has helped identify impractical items, as well as make me think about decor in a way I never did in previous edits. I end up searching all sorts of random things like various camoflage colours, black rooms and the lowdown on holograms! It's fun writing science-fiction for children!
Time to head off and see if I can finish notes on another chapter by lunch, since I take a long afternoon break to recharge myself. Be sure to come back tomorrow find out which food I'm in love with at the moment! 
It's not watermelon, although that would be really refreshing right now!

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