Friday, 14 October 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #178 I've got eggs!

Sadly I don't have my own chickens yet
Not cooking eggs, but bengalese finch eggs! It's so exciting, even though I am not breeding mine, and remove them from the nest soon after they are laid, it's sweet to see Ushio and Tanuki sit on them together. 
Example of zebra finch eggs: they are the size of a Cadbury's mini egg
I did wonder if they had some from their behaviour this morning: there was always one in the nest and I was suspicious. I genuinely wish I could breed them, but there's only room for 2 birds in the cage. One day I'll fulfil my dream and try and breed them! Or zebra finches. Still miss Zack, it is phenomenally quiet without him chirping at the top of his voice. Thankfully Youtube helps with cute videos of zebra finches to keep me happy with far quieter but still gorgeous bengalese finches. 

This squirrel needs to hibernate elsewhere! (It may have been taken in Spring, who knows as I got it online)
This week has been normal for autumn in so far as I want to hibernate. >_< I've rested lots though, because I need it & this weekend is a bit busy: I've a friend staying over on Saturday - she's the one moving down to Devon in November (several hours away so impractical for our hourly meet ups but will go for a longer stay when I can), then on Monday I'm doing craft with a friend. It's busier than I usually like, but with lots of rest before, during & after I should be fine. 

Plus it'll be time for my mega strong meds on Monday night, which I do get quite relaxed with for a short time (the climbing the wall stage is not fun, and I've no idea why people would take it for a recreational drug. Or any drugs.) So a sort of busy week in it's own way. Tomorrow I'll show you what I've made crochet wise! Or maybe Sunday, as I'll be resting tomorrow morning. Either way I hope you have a super weekend! 

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