Thursday, 1 October 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #76 Another Snowflake Post

Nature's own jewels
I've yet to do craft today, as I try to blog in the morning, so I haven't anything new to show you, but I am going to talk about snowflakes! 

As you can see from previous posts linked below, I have a mild snowflake obsession

I first mention snowflakes here
Part 1 and Part 2 of my New Shiny Things and Snowflakes Post Part 1 and Part 2

Who can blame me? They are sparkly, every one is unique, and ever so pretty. I am slowly starting to some: 
I'm working my way through this book...
Here's the 1st snowflake pattern which I added a loop so it can hang up. The ones I'll be selling will be in a thinner yarn.
Thinking about it, even though I don't actually see a lot of snow (we had none where I live last winter which was bitterly disappointing), I've realised it's no surprise that I love snowflakes, as it features in a lot of anime which I watch: 
As previously mentioned there are winter fairies in the Disney Tinkerbell movies who make snowflake.

One of my favourite series, Winx, has a snow themed ability in season 4 called Lovix

Then we come to Disney's Frozen. Young Elsa makes snow... too does older Elsa, with even more finesse.
You might want to look carefully at Elsa's snowflake...
 Disney gave Elsa a signature snowflake!!! How cool is that?! Pun honestly not intended. I hope one day to find (or if I get good enough) crochet an Elsa snowflake, which I think does appear in Once Upon A Time season 4 when Elsa features ^o^ 

I have to point out that despite her early, not exactly friendly actions, Elsa isn't then enemy. There's a snow queen!
Snowfakes are everywhere. I'd love to know when you see them, and if there are other films/series which use snow!

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