Monday, 25 July 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #144 Speedy post!

I totally feel like this super fluffy cat! My previous cat was the same colour, less fluffy, loved broccoli and drooled so much when he was happy! RIP Tolly.
I'm typing this as fast as I can today, since I haven't been 100%, hence the silence yesterday. My body is being it's usual self, so nothing new other than my energy levels being in the zero category. I've managed a bit of gaming, less than 50 crochet stitches (I'm guessing, it wasn't much before I had to give up), less than 50 sentences reading, but thankfully watching anime was an activity I could handle yesterday. Clocked up 4 discs of the 1980s anime Georgie, French version. I mention this because it's initially set in the Australian countryside on a farm, with a super cute and cheerful blonde girl growing up in her family of brunettes with a mysterious bracelet always on her arm (apart from when she accidentally loses it and it gets stolen on purpose. The point I'm making is that at that time period there was lots of work to do, and the mother knits clothes! I don't have the time to search for the exact picture, but here's what the anime looks like...
Georgie with her beloved adopted koala pet, who isn't good at climbing & frequently gets into trouble. To stop Georgie finding out she's adopted her mother, who is good, plonks Kiin (I'm not sure of the spelling for the koala's name) on the table, so of course Georgie is distracted and tells him off for climbing up there - his perplexed expression is priceless! cute! Georgie does grow up throughout the anime, and finds her family...who are exiles (slaves? brain not working enough for exact translation from the French words. I know what they mean, but finding the words is tricky...) which brings a whole load of problems and joy. I'm eager to watch more tonight! 

Today's highlights include posting stuff at the post office and visiting my village recycling centre - I know how to live it up! The rest of the time has been resting. No craft today, too worn out. But, I've ordered a fun craft book - DK books are always amazing, so I'm stalking my post box until it arrives. I hope you all have something fun arrive in the post soon! (Aside from bills, although if you're paperless these may just show up in your email address). 
I adore USA post boxes (mail box) - this one is very English in nature!!

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