Monday, 26 October 2015

Nayu's Recipes #4 Buckwheat Porridge Part 1

Breakfast time! Picture source.

I have been busy working on secret projects, and taking it easy as my body is throwing a strop over the weather. Today I'm going to talk about breakfast! 

I'm very much a routine kind of girl. Breakfast throughout the year, minus on family occasions when pudding is hanging about (in which case yes I'll have cheesecake for breakfast - mega yum! Or, something which my family find gross, I have cake with milk. Not milk in a glass, but milk in the bowl, with the cake. Delicious!), I mostly have cereal.
One of my favourite cereals
I like malted wheat thingies, the flat ones as well as the filled ones (current flavour is blueberry). 
Another yummy way to start the day
Note: this isn't a sponsered post in any shape or form. If I need a sugar boost, then Crunchy Nut was my choice, although I've learnt since buying it that if I add break up biscuits/cake into the plainer cereals, it tastes awesome. 

During winter, sometimes I like something warm rather than cold. I can heat up the milk before adding my malted wheats. I could eat porridge, but I ate it so much 1-2 years ago that I still can't really face it. Which is why how I came across Buckwheat Porridge. 
This is what buckwheat looks like (I think this is once it's cooked/soaked). Kind of like a slightly crunchy couscous. Picture source.
I've been looking into buckwheat for a while. I wanted to use it for cooking, but had got the whole buckwheat, rather than buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is highly nutrious and is actually gluten free, since it's a fruit/seed, not actual wheat! I can eat gluten, but the fact that it's gluten free means at some point I'll be able to make treats for a gluten-free eating friend. 

I used buckwheat in a savoury dish, finding it really tasty. After a bit more browsing online I came across making buckwheat porridge, so that's why I tried today. I put in the microwave with 1:2 quantity of buckwheat to milk. I put it on medium heat for 3 minutes, as my microwave is high powered. And a mini volanco happened...
Sort of like this, but not as much dripping, and in the microwave rather than in a pan. Picture source.
As soon as I cleared up the mess, because the buckwheat wasn't cooked I popped it on the hob to boil. It took quite a while to cook, and it didn't absorb all that much of the milk so in future I may use less, but that didn't bother me, I liked having extra sauce. I simply added a teaspoon of soft brown sugar and voila, buckwheat porridge!
This actually looks similar to mine! Picture source.
I forgot to take a photo - at that time of day I wasn't thinking about today's blog post. However, since that type of porridge took so long to make I'm going to try the overnight method. This involves soaking the buckwheat for at least a few hours in the fridge. I'll do it in water as apparently the soaked buckwheat can have a bit of a slimy texture. I'll then add milk and blitz in the microwave so it's hot (or simply heat the milk to be on the safe side). Plus the yummy spoon of soft brown sugar. I could use Xylitol, which is a healthier sweetner, but soft brown sugar is just so tasty, you know? 

The reason this post is in parts is because I'll actually take photos of it tomorrow! So you can see what it looks like soaked in water, rinsed, then made up into buckwheat porridge. Please come back for part 2! 
I'd love know what you have for breakfast! Picture source.

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