Friday, 2 October 2015

September 2015 Monthly Catch Up

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Somehow August's Catch up on all my NCD posts didn't happen, but September#s is now ready! Here's what's been going on in my craft world - and baking ^o^

Please! Or yarn to keep on knitting ^o^

Find out how you helped me reach an important milestone!

Nayu's Craft Time #71 Baking and stuff
A brief post on what I've been baking - including bran flake marshmallow crispies!

 Nayu's Craft Time #72 This week's plans
Which include truffle making!

Nayu's Craft Time #73 The 3 Cs: Carrots, Crochet & Chocolate!
I work on a set of cream fingerless gloves bordered with this soft pink

I share a smoothie recipe with you!

which involved more roll baking (white rather thn these super tasty sun-dried tomato and chilli rolls)

Nayu's Craft Time #75 Relaxation is bliss!

This post involves me squee-ing over having Elsa appear in the US fantasy drama Once Upon A Time season 4
Can you guess what green veg I've snuck in with these blueberries?

As you can see September was a pretty quiet month craft wise, at least for those things that I can show you. I'm trying to find a new routine for both blogging and craft, to get a fair balance of each. Finally building work is complete which means I can easily have a few hours of crochet without being needed for rounds of tea and checking progress. I plan to make October quite different from September! 
This quote says it all!

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