Thursday, 17 December 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #94 Time for a mini-break!

I'm kicking back & relaxing! Picture source.
It's been quiet here on the blog, not because I'm doing nothing but because of the opposite! It's my final week of having something every other day. Turns out I'd underestimated how much recovery time I need between full on (for me) days - oops! Body is rather tired and lacking in energy, so I'm taking a mini break until Monday or Tuesday. Probably Monday for this blog, and Tuesday for Nayu's Reading Corner, my book blog which involves a lot more work than this does. I'm hoping after that I a) will factor in more rest days b) not choose such a crazy schedule and c) not have my tablet run out of battery when I want to email across photos to use in posts! 

I've got photos of yummy lemon vegan shortbread, gluten free white chocolate cookies whose texture went interesting once they cooled but are sweet and tasty so I don't really care about them. I'm having lunch with two friends tomorrow - one is vegan, and one is gluten free. I've never baked to any particular food needs, so it's a fun new experience for me. 

I have been doing craft too, but like with my baking photos will wait for another post. 

Have a super weekend, and I'll catch up with you next week! Oh, there will be cute posts up each day to keep you going until one with sentences arrives ^o^

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