Monday, 28 September 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #74 Mini holiday

Time for a break...sadly not my suitcases! Picture source
Sorry for not posting the last few days - been a little busy preparing for my family to return from a long holiday. My type of parties involve me, my cat, anime, books and craft! There's still some bits that need to be set straight, as I rearrange where I keep things so they are handy.

I made some white rolls today - so not these which are sun-dried tomato!
I've stocked the cupboard full of groceries, bought a few treats and also made a few, which I'm not revealing just in case my family see this. They shouldn't, as they've nearly 24 hours of travelling to get back from Australia (visiting family), but I like to keep some things a surprise! Truffles are included, as are other sweet treats which I can't wait to tell you about!
My yummy truffles!
Due to supervising building work in our garden, I'm sort of having a mini holiday of my own, involving lots of gaming, reading and craft! Not much different from my partying except I'll be doing it in my room and won't be 'on call' if there are any problems. The only problem I hope to have is wondering where the save point is in the game ^o^
Here's Polka from my current game, Eternal Sonata. She's super cute! & I love doing battle with an umbrella ^o^

I confess to liking being able to do mini vacations when I want, now I'm self-employed. A lot of work happens, but a few days will have me refreshed and ready to write and crochet! See you in a few days!
A random pic, but matches well with my sentiment that even if it rains this week, it'll be sunny in my world ^o^

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