Sunday, 18 October 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #80 Here be buttons!

I'm sure you can get what's inside this cute tin!
Apologies in advance if any part of this post and tomorrow's doesn't make sense - it's just gone 9am, I've been up since 1am, so I'm lacking sleep ^o^ One of those things which doesn't deter me from posting! As promised the other day it's time to show you my button stash. I keep them in a pretty tin from friends. Here's what it looks like inside. 
Not just buttons live here!
I thought I'd talk you through it as not everything is a button. First up the non-button items.
My favourite inanimate cat, Hello Kitty!
Here's a cute handkerchief which my family gave me, and I like to keep it in there for sentimental reasons. I have other Hello Kitty handkerchiefs in other places - they are my security blankets ^o^
Ribbon, oh ribbon, what are you for?
These are random ribbons from clothes (the ones which always get in the way so are best cut off). I keep them here because it seemed logical at the time. 

Next up on to the glorious buttons! I have brightly coloured plain patterned buttons (above)
Round ones and hearts form some of my collection
I have some heart shaped funky kind of vintage & flowery buttons 
The plain ones are simply the other side of the button.
...and round shaped vintage/flowery buttons. 
Like the heart ones, plain is the side which doesn't show once sewn on items.
And I've got some other bright spotty buttons! 
Also ditto the plain ones are pretty on the other side. I couldn't be bothered to turn them all over just so you get a perfect picture. This is a realistic photo!
I intended buttons to be used primarily for baby booties (in progress), but for now I'm going to try using them for fingerless glove decoration, which is tomorrow's post ^o^  I love buttons! They are so colourful, pretty, and it takes me back to when I was little and would tip out my mother's buttons from the jam jar and just look at all the different types. They were all shiny in my eyes, even though in reality only a few were metal. 
I'd love a lod of buttons like these (the ones with a ridge are what I call typical button shape). Picture source.
Do you like buttons? Did you play with them when you were little? Where do you keep your buttons now?

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