Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Nayu's Craft Time #196 Operation Cat In update

My cat loves my yarn!
It's a glorious sunny day, if extremely cold (it was minus 5 degrees C when I woke today). The other day I talked about why I'm on cat flap duty during the day (making sure my cat can get back in on the few occasions she goes out) and why she's shut in at night. Belle is being her usual contrary self and absolutely refusing to use her rather snazzy enclosed litter box, which looks something like this. 

It has a weirdly deep bottom tray, which my family says looks like a baby bath.
You can understand the ressemblance
While my family are going to switch the cat litter used, to mix in some of the kind we put in her outside litter tray (more on that in a minute), we suspect she will continue to cross her legs at night, because she's that kind of cat. If she doesn't like something, she won't do/use it. I think the deterrant is working because I've possibly only heard the neighbour's cat attempt to get in once yesterday. So far today the cat flap has been open both ways all day, and no unexpected visitor has arrived. 

The current operation will continue a little while longer because we want to be sure that other cat gets the message that it's unwelcome in our house. It would be very welcome as it's a sweet thing, but we have to think of our cat who was acting up (not eating, acting a bit more jumpy than normal), so we have to be strong and say no to its cute self. 

I hope to crochet sometime this week, ideally today, but because I'm going away at the weekend I'm fitting in blog work & chores before I go, and doing battle with the extremely cold weather which my body hates, so anything done is a bonus! I hope to preschedule a few posts while I'm away so stay tuned! 

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