Monday, 6 March 2017

Nayu's Craft Time #237 Fantastic time in Devon!

All unpacked! (mine aren't this pretty)
Sorry I'm later than expected in posting - it's taken longer than expected to recover from my busy but fun Devon trip. Still not quite back to what counts as normality for me, but getting there slowly. Managing a small bit of blogging and checking emails today, hoping to do a bit more tomorrow. Today's the first day of doing online stuff and I didn't want to leave in you in limbo any longer. 

Entire phrase should read 'Thank you for looking after the cat" It uses the same chocolate mould I've used for a cat in the past!
I had a brilliant trip, it was so fun seeing my friend again. I made it to a chocolate shop, full of chocolate & they made chocolate on site (none being made when I went). I got this chocolate for my family - I live with them, but our cat is rather attached to me and becomes an Extremely Grumpy Madam whenever I'm away. I saw a rose garden (minus roses as they weren't blooming yet), had a yummy ice cream (blue bubblegum and blackcurrent with clotted cream), found an elusive M&S cafe (the store is huge!), watched lots of dvds and chatted lots too. 

I'm hoping to start craft again today, not been up for it, but it depends how I am once I've done today's chores (sorting laundry is a large effort activity for me and I usually do it over 2 days (sort 1 day, put away the next)
Hope you have a good one!

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