Friday, 3 July 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #39 Dishcloth Mission

As promised in yesterday's post today I'm chatting about my dishcloths.

Tuesday night I'd started making a dishcloth from a ball of Lily's sugar and cream 100% cotton yarn. I wanted to make 2 from the same ball as I know it can be done. So after winding it into a ball (I always do this with yarn as the original ball sometimes tangles or isn't like a sphere) I then unwound it and started a new dishcloth at the other end.

I haven't got a picture showing this process. Once I got to the point of having a little yarn left, I began figuring out what type of border I could do that would make the yarn last for both dishcloths. I undid the last row & tried a new border definitely over 5 times. I was determined to make it work! It's nice having enough time to be able to experiment - here's what I came up with! 
It's roughly 7 inches/18 cm, and this time I've added a handy loop so you can hang them up - they aren't just practical, they look pretty too! All dishcloths made from now will have a loop. These will be on sale soon, along with other colour combinations. 

Tomorrow's post will be all about circles...

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