Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #41 The Tale of the Travelling Yarn

This is no ordinary yarn...
Today this ball of yarn (before it got used) went on a little journey. First stop was a doctor's waiting room. Because I prefer to re-roll yarn into a ball, I sat and did just that while waiting for my routine appointment. I nearly rolled it all up, but, as often is the case when I get to the end of a ball (while winding) it got a little muddled up. It sort of looked like a string game called Cat's Cradle which I played when I was young.
A fun game for 2
I got called in before I could untangle it, so I popped it back in my bag and there it sat for over an hour. Appointment was fine :) The next time I got my yarn out was when I popped in to see my old work colleagues. It's a bit weird to think that I finished work a week ago. It both feels much longer and much shorter than that. I fully enjoyed catching up with my colleagues, who are my friends.

Out came the yarn when I had to wait for my manager to finish seeing someone. I managed to detangle it – whoohoo! I did 3 sides of the first row (which creates the square), then popped the yarn back in my bag since my manager was then free.

The yarn popped back out once I'd got home, and I crocheted one and a half squares for fingerless gloves which will be for me ^o^ Now I've had my post lunch rest I'll be back to working on a summery blanket, as soon as I've blogged, written a little, and done some reading.

I hope you like the tale of my travelling yarn. Small crochet projects are super portable. I do need to keep a pair of scissors permanently in my bag, as I didn't have any to cut the yarn if I got far enough ahead that I made 1 glove (I didn't), but want to be sure that won't be an issue in the future.
I actually have this cute bunny ear scissors with paperclips, although they don't stand look quite like the tip of this carrot!

There will be no travelling yarn tomorrow or Thursday, as they are planned days at home, but yarn will be travelling on Friday to visit a friend, so I may have another short tale for you then!

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