Sunday, 12 July 2015

Nayu's Craft Time #42 Crochet is a good medicine

Where have you been?

Sorry for being silent the last few days - it wasn't intentional. I slept badly Tuesday night, ended up with a minor headache on Wednesday night, which turned into a low grade migraine on Thursday. I tried to nap the migraine away but that didn't work. I thankfully wasn't feeling too sick, but I do get rather sensitive to noise so I couldn't listen to audiobooks (watching anime was a no-go). I read a lot, but I did do crochet too! More on that in a moment - need to finish explaining my absence. While I was headache free Friday I had the usual post migraine fatigue, regardless that it wasn't a major migraine. Saturday I did a bit of blog work but felt too peaky so stopped before I got to finish this post. 

I have been doing a lot of crochet because it's quiet and not too complicated. I worked on a summer blanket which I'm close to finishing.
I've since added a cream border, and currently making a lot of flowers to put around the edge. This will take a while so I'm making 5 flowers a day

I got to the stage where I wanted something a bit challenging, so I learnt how to make a granny (square) hexagon.
To start with I didn't want to use the above pattern because it started with a flower in the middle. I've made the flower before, but I wasn't confident enough to attempt the pattern without the flower (which is what I wanted to do). However, all the patterns I stumbled across online used decreasing stitches, which I haven't come across before now, and didn't really want to start learning just yet. Or the patterns weren't like this one.

So I thought if I learnt how to make the hexagon with the flower in the centre, I could figure out how to do it without the flower. And I did!
It wasn't too tricky to figure out, since the flower had 6 loops before carrying on with the pattern, so  I translated that as meaning 6 clusters in the middle, et voila!

Since I want to make some baby blankets using hexagons, I thought I'd go for smaller ones, with just 2 rows. It is cute but could take a bit of time, so I'll opt for 3 rows or even the larger size which I originally used.

Today I'm working on a mixture of projects which I'll hopefully be chatting about tomorrow. I'm trialing doing blog work in 3 x 40min slots, rather than 2 hours straight, which for now seems to be working.  See you soon!

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